American Horror Story: Asylum Season 2 “Tricks and Treat” Review – Sister Jude: Good or Evil?

American Horror Story Season 2 Asylum Episode 2 Tricks and Treats

Tonight was the second episode of season two on American Horror Story: Asylum. The story picks up pretty much right where we left off last week – Teresa is running from Bloody Face, and to her credit, is pretty quick and finds her way back to one-armed Leo. Trying to drag him from Briarcliff proves to be extremely difficult, and Teresa ends up locking herself in a room as Bloody Face has some playtime with Leo right outside the door.

Flash back to 1964 where Wendy is having second thoughts for committing Lana, especially when she remembers that Bloody Face is in there with her. She decides to go and retract her statement the next day, but plans are foiled in an extremely gruesome way once she gets out of the shower. Here’s a thought, Wendy… when a killer is on the loose and is targeting women – be sure your first story window (without a screen) is closed.

Zachary Quinto returns to American Horror Story this time as Doctor Oliver Thredson, a state psychologist sent to Briarcliff to analyze Kit. Once he sits with the possible killer and hears what Kit has to say about his close encounter and how the aliens still have his wife, Thresdon writes up a report diagnosing Kit with acute clinical insanity… but then tells Sister Jude that his findings are only preliminary.

Doctor Thredson has some major issues with the way patients are being treated, and the methods that are being used to “cure” them. As if to prove his point, a family enters with their son Jed, who is diagnosed by Sister Jude and Monsignor Timothy Howard as needed an exorcism. While Thredson doesn’t agree that an exorcism is a proper way to treat a sickness, the kid is speaking in tongues, levitating his bed, bleeding from the eyes, and showing signs of telekinesis. Oh, and he ate the heart of the family cow… so yeah, I’m thinking an exorcism is just about right.

Things go horribly wrong and the demon is released, and is now assumed to be inside Sister Mary Eunice. This will come as a huge disappointment to Doctor Arden who has some serious skeletons in his closet… including, but not limited to, lustful feelings towards Sister Mary.

Throw in an escape attempt by Kit, Lana, and Grace (foiled by Lana who thinks Kit is really guilty and does not want a killer on the streets), and American Horror Story strikes again!

So, we have Kit who doesn’t seem to be a killer – especially after the strange sex games Dr. Arden was playing with the escort and the pictures the woman found. I’m right in thinking that those were women hacked up, correct? The bondage shots alone were creepy enough, but to see the mutilation in the other pictures was just nasty. Of course my brain immediately screams “ARDEN IS BLOODY FACE!!” (which would account for some of his creepiness), but this is American Horror Story, and things are never what they seem.

Take Sister Jude for example. She’s insane, she runs Briarcliff with an iron fist, but watching her with Jed (the exorcist patient), she actually seemed to really care for him. And the way that she interacts with the charges in Briarcliff that are obviously mentally ill is actually sort of touching. Does she have to cane people? No.

Does she have to blackmail? Of course not. But maybe she’s just not all out evil like I initially thought. Her back story seems to be pretty intriguing, and if that demon (and the flashbacks) were telling the truth – Sister Jude is hiding a lot more than a red nightgown under her habit.

It looks like we’ll just have to keep guessing until next week’s Halloween episode of American Horror Story, dear readers! Let me know your thoughts and theories as this season just stats to pick up!

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