The New Normal Season 1 Review “The Godparent Trap” – Bryan and David Find Religion

The New Normal Episode 7 The Godparent Trap

“The Godparent Trap” was an interesting episode of The New Normal in that it portrayed religion as a living, breathing thing instead of what it’s usually treated as, which is a crusty, old, dead thought process.

David and Bryan decide they need to find a godparent for their child. They think their child should have some sort of spiritual  adviser, like how Rocky advises her young charge, a young girl who gets some really interesting advice from her godmother.

The two ask their two lesbian friends to be the godparents to their child, but seeing how they themselves are having fertility issues, they can’t see it in their hearts to give spiritual advice to a child that’s not their’s. In a way, it’d be a taunt to them. After getting turned down, David and Bryan think that perhaps, they should get back in touch with their own spiritual sides. David doesn’t really do much to get in touch with his Jewish past, but Bryan goes back to the Catholic Church to find some answers. There, he confesses to a priest and asks him how can he explore his spiritual side while the Church hates people like him? The priest, a free-thinking renegade, tells him that Bryan should fight back. Jesus, he said, was a fighter, and strove to drive out unfairness and backwards laws through hardcore radicalism. The priest suggested that Bryan–and all of the LGBT community–to stand up for themselves when it comes to the Church.

After a debacle with Shania’s pet guinea pig Marshmallow–the guinea pig died, and Bryan and David (and Rocky) tried to replace the animal–Bryan and David decide to make Shania and Rocky their child’s godparents. Shania showed spiritual maturity with how he handled Marshmallow’s death and funeral, and the two naming her a godparent also solves the show’s other subplot, which revolved around Goldie dealing with the possibility of David and Bryan not wanting her and Shania around anymore after the baby is born. Goldie, being used to her family turning away from her, was scared David and Bryan would do the same. Keep in mind, they had already assured Goldie that they would still want her in their lives, but with Shania being a permanent part of the family, that erases that worry.

I liked this episode for its take on religion and how one can actively engage in religion. But the show seemed oddly disjointed. It was a still a great episode, but the Marshmallow stuff seemed oddly out of place. Anyway, great episode, and I’m on board to see what happens next week.

P.S.–It seems like Bryan is the writing staff’s favorite character; he keeps getting all of the great scenes.