The Amazing Race Season 21 Recap “Funky Monkey”

The Amazing Race Season 21 Recap Funky Monkey

Leaving behind the crowded streets of Indonesia, The Amazing Race began its fourth leg last night with eight teams remaining. The next destination was Bangladesh, a country with one of the highest population densities in the world, nestled between Myanmar (Burma) and India. The contestants were off to the capital city Dahka, where they would face a series of physical challenges that pushed them to their limits.

Dating divorcees Abbie and Ryan were looking forward to taking the lead having finished first in the last leg. Full of energy and ready to hit the road, they got an unpleasant surprise when they arrived late in the evening at the travel agency, and discovered the next flight to Bangladesh was not until the following morning. That meant that all teams would be on the same plane. So much for the spoils of victory.

Because there are more than 15,000 buses on Dahka’s roads, the first challenge required the teams to make their way to a bus repair shop. Their tasks were to mix putty, apply it to dents on buses, sand it, and carry bus seats from the broken down buses to the newly repaired buses. The Fast Forward option was more stomach turning – help an exterminator by collecting his customers’ dead rats.

Rockers Abba and James opted for the Fast Forward. With an entourage of local children running in their wake, and armed only with a pair of gloves, they took their burlap sack to collect the vermin. This seemed an easy enough task until there was a raw sewage incident.

Back at the bus shop, Abbie and Ryan arrived first, followed by twins Natalie and Nadiya, then Chippendales dancers Jaymes and James. Monster truck drivers Rob and Kelley had their first transportation snafu when their taxi took them on a scenic tour of a massive landfill, complete with dogs roaming around the heaps of garbage. This dropped them into fourth place.

The teams rushed to apply the putty in a thin, even layer, before they were allowed to sand. Nadiya drove everyone nuts by incessantly screaming words of encouragement to her sister, who did not pass the first inspection. Substitute teachers Gary and Will arrived last after a wayward taxi ride, and struggled because Gary’s putty layer was too thick.

Abbie and Ryan finished first, while dating couple Trey and Lexi brought up the rear along with Gary and Will. By the end of the challenge, Gary and Will had lost steam, and Trey and Lexi seemed confounded by the entire experience. When Trey’s and Lexi’s taxi broke down as they left the shop, they stood on the street staring at it while Lexi whined, “What can we do?” Get in another cab – that’s what you can do.

The teams were then on to the Road Block, located at the Kawran Bazar Shootkir market. The teams had to dig through bags of dried fish for an orange colored fish which unlocked the Detour. The Detour gave the teams two options. The first involved pounding heated metal rods to create a pointed tip. The second involved beating cotton to a fine consistency, stuffing it into a mattress, and sewing it shut.

For some unknown reason, Ryan was convinced that Abbie’s one year of fashion institute schooling would make her a pro at putting together a mattress, so they chose the cotton. Jaymes and James, goat farmers Josh and Brent, and Gary and Will joined them. Natalie and Nadiya, Rob and Kelley, and Trey and Lexi opted for the metal challenge. The highlight of this Detour was Brent touting Josh’s sewing skill because Josh used to sew his drag queen costumes. Josh then revealed his drag queen name was Aquadisiac.

After the Detour, the teams traveled by riverboat to Swarighat, and then had to make it to Shambazar Chan Mia Ghat, where host Phil Keoghan was waiting. Abba and James breezed in and won a trip to Antigua courtesy of Travelocity. Abbey and Ryan ended up on the same boat as Natalie and Nadiya. The teams rushed to the finish line, with Abbey and Ryan arriving a mere moment earlier.

A couple teams suffered the hard lesson that you have to follow instructions to the letter in this competition. Rob and Kelley arrived fourth, but were turned away because their boat had driven them up to the pit stop instead of to Swarighat. This led to one of the low moments of the episode where Rob screamed at the boat driver that it was his fault and that he had cost Rob a million dollars. It’s unlikely this is the last nasty outburst we’ll see from Rob this season.

At the end, the rankings stand as: Abba and James (first), Abbie and Ryan (second), Natalie and Nadiya (third), Josh and Brent (fourth), Rob and Kelley (fifth), Jaymes and James (sixth), Trey and Lexi (seventh). Self-proclaimed Amazing Race super fans Will and Gary arrived in eighth place and were eliminated.