Supernatural Chat – Injuries That Should Have Left Permanent Damage


Hi Supernatural fans, and welcome to the this week’s edition of Supernatural Chat! This week I want to talk about injuries. We all know that hunting is a dangerous profession. Countless danger lurks around every corner, and it is the hunter’s job to seek out creatures that can, will, and really want to kill them.

Because of this, the Winchester boys have had some rather close calls with different creatures, but for some reason, even at their worst, nothing that the supernatural creatures inflict ever leaves a mark. Are Sam and Dean just impervious to scarring? Take a look at a few of the injuries that should have left our boys scarred for life.



Back in season one when Sam was barely legal to drink and Dean was in his mid 20s, they ran into Meg the demon for the first time. Meg wasn’t the nice, angel babysitting demon that she is now, in fact all she wanted was for the Winchester boys so suffer.

Calling in some shadow creatures to assist in her extermination of Sam and Dean, the things caused some pretty wicked scratches on Sammy’s face. However, don’t fret – Sam’s not maimed in next episodes. In fact, those cuts that made his cheek look like hamburger meat just heal themselves up really nicely – and leave no trace of scars.

Devil’s Trap


I promise that this article won’t be all about Sam’s injuries, but it just seems like the boy gets the crap beat out of him regularly. We’re going to stay back in season one and talk about the finale “Devil’s Trap”. The boys rescued John from the clutches of Meg’s demon henchmen (and woman), and in doing so Sam, once again, got the stuffing beat out of him.

Check out his eye! Sam can’t open it, the bridge of his nose is cut, and the entire thing is black and blue. Now, I can happily say that I have never been punched in the eye (or any other part for that matter), but by the looks of that bruise and those bumps, there should have been some remnants of that injury.

In My Time Of Dying


Let’s talk about Dean. After the car accident that landed John and Dean in the hospital at the start of season two, Dean realizes that he’s in a coma and that no one can hear him (except Sam through a spirit board). He spends his time walking the halls of the hospital where he meets a young girl that actually turns out to be Dean’s reaper.

That story line aside, take a peek at that giant cut down Dean’s forehead. How in the heck did that thing not leave a scar? It’s not like the boys have the means to get corrective surgery and that is one heck of a gash!

On The Head Of A Pin


One more for Dean! Let’s talk about how horribly Alastair beats his ass in “On the Head of a Pin”. When Dean thinks that his former torture teacher is safely locked within a devil’s trap, Dean unleashes some pretty painful methods to learn who is responsible for killing angels.

What Dean doesn’t know is that Alastair has noticed the trap has a weakness, and takes it upon himself to almost kill Dean until Sam steps in to take care of the demon. It doesn’t stop Dean from winding up in a hospital bed almost comatose, but no marks stay on his perfect face.


That’s just a quick taste of the injuries that the Winchester brothers have experienced at the hands of demons and other such creatures. And yet… they come back week after week with their flawless faces in perfect condition, no trace of their past fights on their skin.

Not that the fanbase is complaining, I’m sure. Are there other injuries that you can think of that I missed? Tell me about them!

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