Raising Hope Season 3 Review “If a Ham Falls in the Woods”

Raising Hope returned this week with yet another funny episode in “If a Ham Falls in the Woods.” I’ve been interested in how this show is going to keep the Sabrina and Jimmy relationship funny after they’re already together, and this episode was a good indicator that there’s plenty of comedy left here.

The set-up for this week’s story is paper thin, but it doesn’t really matter, does it? The Chance’s family lawyer, Wally Phipps, returned in the cold open to tell Jimmy and Sabrina that they will only get Sabrina’s house if they get married at her church. Oh, and the only way that they can get married at the church is if they go to a free couples retreat sponsored by the church. Hmm…OK then. It’s a comedy, right, so who cares?!

They were joined by Melanie Griffith’s character who returned as Sabrina’s mom, and That 70’s Show star Wilmer Valderrama guest starred as her minor league baseball player boyfriend. Burt and Virginia also snuck into the engaged couples’ retreat hosted by the hilarious new character Reverend Bob.

This retreat had a lot of great stuff, but Burt was the highlight yet again. While I did enjoy the Newlywed Game stuff and thought the finale with the bear was hilarious, I laugh at just about everything Burt says and does. His funny little gestures and quirks are always hilarious on this show, and his little bow to Pastor Bob’s wife Lisa made me laugh harder than just about anything in this episode. Also “Wakey Burt makes promises Sleepy Burt can’t keep” killed me.

Meanwhile, Barney and Maw Maw had a funny little side story this episode. I like these two OK, but I’m glad they were mostly relegated to just a few scenes.

Overall this was yet another solid episode in what’s turning out to be a great third season. Really hoping this show gets picked up for a fourth season, and with syndication being just around the corner that’s definitely a possibility! Cross your fingers!

Random Thoughts:

– I was under the impression that this episode wasn’t going to air today since last week’s X Factor ran long and got pushed to tonight. Did everybody on the east coast get to see tonight’s episode?

– Wally Phipps is pretty funny, but he always felt like a rip-off of Henry Winkler’s Barry Zuckerhorn from Arrested Development.

– Seeing Wilmer Valderrama on TV again just makes me sad that Awake got cancelled. If you haven’t seen that show, everybody, go watch it right now!