NCIS Season 10 Review “Lost at Sea” – The Tony and McGee Show is a Hit!

NCIS Season 10 Episode 4 Lost at Sea

In this episode of NCIS, called “Lost at Sea,” Agent Borin is back to help the team with a case involving a missing helicopter pilot, Tony and McGee discover they make great wingmen, and Ziva knows more than she’s telling.

You know, I almost feel bad writing a review like the one I’m about to write. I’m sure the writers of this show spent a lot of time putting together a great story about a helicopter crew who decide to betray their country and sell their chopper, only to have the wrong pilot show up and put a kebosh on the whole thing. It was a great story and it definitely had my attention throughout, but unfortunately I’m not going to talk about it at all.

That’s because I was enjoying “The Tony and McGee Show” way too much in this episode. I’ve always been a huge fan of these two being friends, so to get an episode like this one; it was like opening up a wonderful present on Christmas morning. From the very beginning of the episode, I loved how they had obviously bonded over being each other’s “wingman” and I was getting a kick out of how well they were working together on the case. I got a sense of a real partnership between them and it was a blast to watch.

When Ziva made the bet with Tony and McGee that they couldn’t get Borin to agree to a date, I figured it would immediately turn into a battle between them to see who could get her to say yes first. But I was wrong; instead they kept up their wingman routine and worked on helping each other out. Of course it didn’t work, but when I found out that was because Ziva had told Borin all about it, I had to laugh. Then I laughed even harder when it became clear that Ziva was only getting them back for hanging out and playing video games (not picking up women as it turned out) without her. It could be because I wrote a short story about Tony and McGee hanging out and playing video games, but somehow that scenario was even better than them going out to bars.

I could probably talk about how much I enjoyed Tony and McGee’s antics all night, so I’ll just stop there. Suffice to say, I really liked this episode.

My favorite bits..

Tony plus plaid shirt equals YUM.

“I have hearing like a horse.” – LOL, another great Zivaism.

Tony realizing that the canteen had something other than water in it. Ew.

McGee hanging up his phone with an “Oops.” That made me LOL for real.

“Rubbers for your date with Borin.”
“Extra large, you knew my size.” – Not sure how it’s possible, but I did a spit-take at that scene…without drinking anything. It was *that* funny.

“Duck, I asked you to get medical records, not launch codes.”

Tony and McGee giggling at Shamus asking Borin out on a date….until it worked.

The entire conversation between McGee and Tony about the possibilities of dating Borin.

“Have you told the boss about these feelings? He can be open-minded.” – Yep and I’ve read the fanction stories that prove it. Teehee.

“If there were any helicopter parts, I would have happily built you a helicopter.” – You know, I bet she could do it, too.

“Why do you get to be Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer?”

Tony and Ziva watching in differing degrees of terror and fascination as McGee attempted to ask Borin out on a date. I can’t believe he asked her age. Ouch. Just…..ouch.

“No one gives up on a kid like that. Especially not his father.”

Tony discussing with Borin how he too once was looking for a better job title and better money.

“So what’re you doing still working for Gibbs?”
“You can’t offer me better people.” – All together now: Awww!

Tony finding out that Borin knew all about the bet.

Abby telling Borin all the things that the Mass Spec was immune to.

“Am I missing something?”
“You mean besides a helicopter?”

“Looks like your ego is writing checks your offshore bank account can’t cash.” – Nice! Tony gets in the Top Gun line (nearly) and the sunglasses.

Tony rewarding McGee with the sunglasses for the “crash landing in the middle of a court martial” line.

The way they alternated between Tony and Ziva questioning one suspect, with Gibbs and McGee questioning the other.

Aha! As soon as they said the boat captain did it, I just KNEW it would turn out to be Quinn.

Tony and McGee teaming up to take down Quinn.

“You never went to the bar. You stayed home playing with yourselves…I mean with each other….I mean.” – Oh Ziva, just stop talking. LOL.

Ziva ending up being the one to go out with Borin.

“She set us up because we didn’t ask her out in the first place? How did we miss that?”
“The better question is: how are you going to fix it?” – Leave it to Gibbs to cut to the chase.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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