Gossip Girl Season 6 Review “Dirty Rotten Scandals” – Down the Drain with Dan

I’m still not entirely clear why Chuck and Blair have to stay apart while she runs her mother’s empire and he tries to bring down his father’s, but if it leads to sweet scenes of them spooning in bed as it did in “Dirty Rotten Scandals,” this week’s episode of Gossip Girl, then I’m willing to play along for a bit longer.

Blair needed the comfort as she had a rough time getting her new collection off the ground; she also needed Chuck’s expertise on all things to do with her taste in order to get her fashion show ready in time after she was diagnosed with exhaustion. I’m not really big on kicking people when they’re down…and Dan is so far down these days…but he never would have been able to do this for her. He just would have whined about how fashion shows are pointless and elitist and somehow dangerous for the environment. Chuck didn’t hesitate in pulling together something amazing for the woman he loves even though he’s on the hunt for the mysterious man his father met in Dubai and may have a lead thanks to a bodyguard with a big mouth.

Unfortunately for Blair, Serena’s almost-stepdaughter ruined her show in an attempt to break up Serena and her father. Sage is a real little piece of work…a chip off the old Waldorf/Van Der Woodsen block for sure. I was shocked that Serena couldn’t see how absolutely insincere every word that came out of her mouth was; it was kind of sad to see her get totally played by a pouting teenager. She and Sage will not be friends anytime soon and I have a feeling that will lead to the end of Serena’s current romance.

But the real scandal of the week was entirely created by Dan. Despite his better judgement, Nate went ahead and printed the first part of Dan’s new book in the Spectator, specifically the part that disclosed his father’s new relationship with Charlie. Understandably, Rufus was upset with his son, but it was Charlie who tipped off Gossip Girl that he was planning to sue both Dan and the Spectator for defamation and slander. Rufus just wanted to sit his son down for a good old-fashioned Opie-esque talking-to.

Sorry, Ruf. Dan is so beyond that now. He has turned into a self-absorbed, bitter, vengeful hipster d-bag who doesn’t care who gets hurt by his so-called “truth.” As soon as the piece garnered a little attention, Dan immediately stabbed Nate in the back by selling the rest of the serial to another publication with a higher profile. Look, I realize that Nate is a bit of a doof and he tends to let his little head do most of his thinking, but he’s always been a decent guy. He doesn’t deserve Dan’s drunken wrath.

I’m actually glad Dan blew off Nelly Yuki. I don’t totally hate her and I wouldn’t want her to be with someone like him. Let him keep his bar bimbos while Chuck and Blair have the last laugh in bed. With champagne.

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