Exclusive Interview: Gregg Sulkin Talks Pretty Little Liars Season 3 And His Passion Project


Gregg Sulkin is making a splash on ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars as Wesley Fitzgerald, and TV Equals was able to speak with him exclusively about his role on the show, how the fanbase is treating him, and the films you’ll be able to see him in. Unfortunately, Wesley doesn’t appear in the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special, but there will still be tons of drama when the special airs Tuesday, October 23 at 8/7c on ABC Family.

What can we expect next from your character?

Gregg Sulkin: My first two episodes on the show, so as you can tell, Wesley’s a very interesting character. You don’t know whether he’s a good guy or a bad guy; he’s extremely mysterious character. You don’t know his purpose–why is he in Rosewood? Why has he suddenly popped up? It’s been a lot of fun to play a character like that, and as more episodes come out…you’ll see my past and why I am the way I am, and why his relationship with his brother[Ezra Fitzgerald, played by Ian Harding] isn’t like most brothers. And you kind of see his purpose and why he is in Rosewood.

What do you love the most about working on a show like Pretty Little Liars?

Gregg Sulkin: A few things. One, the people–the people are very professional and super-nice. Number two is probably the fanbase– to work on a show that you know is going to get viewed by lots of people, by diehard fans, and you get to interact with them through Twitter and stuff like that. And three, working with ABC Family is a lot of fun…So just the people and the experience and working on the Warner Bros. lot. That’s one of my favorite lots in the world

What kind of feedback have you gotten from the fanbase?

Gregg Sulkin: Well, number one, they’re nuts. They’re diehard crazy fans, which is great. I love them all. They’re really happy I’m on the show, you know? It’s nice to be able to bring my fanbase with me on this kind of show that I know they’ll enjoy. They’re interested in my character, my brother, Aria and my brother, that kind of dynamic. They know there’s a lot more to come, so they just can’t wait to see it.

I read that you’re starring in White Frog. What can you tell about that movie, if you can?

Gregg Sulkin: It just got distribution a couple of weeks ago, which we’re very excited about. That was, for me, a passion project, something that I felt that I wanted to do. The script was great, the structure was great, the…cast is fantastic, and it was a character that I’ve never played before. So, I really wanted to test myself as an actor. I always wanted to find a balance between doing stuff that people going to see–doing popular shows and popular movies–and doing stuff that is completely edgy and to test my chops as an actor. So I definitely want to find that balance in my career, and that’s why I did White Frog.

And you’re also in Camilla Dickinson

Gregg Sulkin: Yeah. That was a period piece based in the ’40s and Larry Estes produced that so that was awesome as well. To do those two indies–and I’ve also done another indie called Affluenza. I shot that over the summer in New York. It’s nice doing…popular TV shows and dipping out of town to do these indies.

If you could guest star on any other television show, which one would it be?

Gregg Sulkin: There’s a few. One–Boardwalk Empire. I would love to do CSI or something like that. I would also love to do…Two and a Half Men only because I’ve watched that show ever since it started. So, I think those three.