Don’t Trust The B– in Apt 23 Season 2: What To Expect [INTERVIEWS]

James Van Der Beek dont trust b apt 23 paley tv equals 05

Have you dreamed of a Dawson’s Creek reunion for years?

Well, tonight you almost get your wish because when Don’t Trust The B– in Apt 23 returns for its new season, the James Van Der Beek in the show will be dealing with just that, in a pretty hilarious way. And bonus, we’ll even get a small reunion in the form of Busy Philipps guest starring.

And that’s only the beginning of the season. TV Equals was on the scene at the Paley Center for Media to talk to the man himself James Van Der Beek, along with cast members including Ray Ford (Luther) and Michael Blaiklock (Eli) to talk about some of the crazy antics planned for this second season of the show.

Check out the videos below and don’t forget to watch Don’t Trust The B– in Apt 23 tonight, October 23, when it returns for its second season at 9:30pm on ABC.

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