90210 Season 5 Review “It’s All Fun and Games” – Walking on Sunshine

Despite some last minute jitters, it looks like Silver is ready to get herself pregnant. In this week’s episode of 90210, “It’s All Fun and Games,” she spent her last day before insemination trying to be a wild and crazy kid before becoming a mother. This included swinging on a trapeeze (and spraining her ankle trying to get out of the net) and taking naked photos of herself to remember her pre-baby body. You know…the usual mother-to-be stuff.

While she was finalizing her major life choice, everyone else’s worlds seemed to be falling apart. Liam discovered that he couldn’t move ahead with his acting career because his partner contract with CrazyBitch (as she will be known from now until the day she reappears with a knife at Silver’s throat) required her signature on everything. But it was hard for Liam to get her signature when he was convinced he’d seen her get washed out to sea. In the end, he tried to man up and tell the police what had happened, but it turned out that the police were more concerned with her very long rap sheet and not so much with her disappearance. Did Liam really, really luck out? Or will this, like CrazyBitch herself, come back to haunt him someday?

I hate being right sometimes, but Naomi absolutely fell into Alex’s trap. By desperately trying to make her husband’s business partner like her, she allowed herself to be photographed on what seemed like an intimate date with him while Max was out of town. The real moneyshot, though, was the kiss he planted on her. Naomi is just conceited enough to believe that he simply couldn’t resist her charms; the reality is that her marriage is now in serious jeopardy and she was played by a master puppeteer.

Dixon moped through most the episode about his lot in life, even though his debilitating injury somehow healed itself and became nothing more than a figment of his imagination. It took a sort-of inspiring slap from his new buddy (and Annie’s potential future love-interest) for him to get out of his chair and reclaim his legs. He also made friends with the girl whose father was driving the rig that caused the accident at a support group Annie forced him to attend. Of course, he didn’t tell her that he was involved in the accident. I swear…the LA of 90210 is a small, small world. It’s the only place where you can run down a man and end up dating his grandson or get hit by a man’s truck and wind up in therapy with his daughter.

And for anyone keeping track, Navid did absolutely nothing in this episode. I like to think he’s off running his father’s porn empire and sleeping with all the actresses who don’t yet resemble a used mattress.

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