Alphas Season 2: Summer Glau and EP Bruce Miller Prepare Audiences For The Season Finale

Are you ready for the season finale of Alphas? If so, TV Equals has some info to make you even more pumped! During a conference call with Summer Glau and executive producer Bruce Miller, we got the inside scoop in the goings-on of last week’s episode, what could be in store for Rosen [David Strathairn], and what John Pyper-Ferguson brings to his villainous role.

Glau on playing Skylar

Glau commented on what drew her to the character of Skylar. “The first thing that attracted me to playing Skylar was the fact that she was a mother…I had not played a mother before and one of the most challenging things about Skylar is that she is a mother but it doesn’t come naturally to her,” she said. “In the backstory that I have created, she’s been on her own for a long time and she just used to do things for herself, and then when it comes to her child, she’s very conflicted because she has all of these new feelings that she’s probably never experienced before about loving something so much more than she loves herself and caring for something and protecting someone else and making unselfish decisions. For me as an actor, it’s a very fertile storyline for me, creatively. ”

Has Rosen gone too far?

From what happened last week with Rosen, you might be wondering if he can come back from what he’s done.

“Sure…In terms of what Rosen did last week–I don’t know, can we ever come back from the bad things that we do? I think that we can,” said Miller. “Most of the time you meet people on television, most of the bad things they’ve done are in the past. You meet them when they’re kind of on the other side. That’s why it’ll be very interesting to see…someone who’s going through the darkest part of their life, probably up until now, to see how they actually go through it, see how they come out the other side. ”

The possibility of a Skylar/Zoe webseries

“Yes, yes, and yes,” said Miller when asked not only about the possibility of Skylar becoming a series regular, but of a possible Skylar/Zoe webseries. “Summer was an absolute pleasure to have on the show. She already knows I love working with her, but as a character, seeing that character on TV was so fantastic and also getting to see someone who’s played many tough characters, to get to see a different side of that actress is great…She was spectacular and I’d love to have her on the show as much as we could possibly have,” he said.

“As far as a webseries goes,” he added, “it’s not really my department to make those decisions but I would certainly love that. I love the very young, very talented actress  [Skylar Wexler] who plays Zoe–who, strangely enough, is named Skylar in real life–the two of them together were terrific and one of the toughest jobs we had in the editing room was deciding which moments to cut.”

Working with Skylar Wexler

“She’s beautiful,” Glau said when talking about working with Skylar Wexler, who played Zoe. “She’s my pen pal. We email each other every week, back and forth. She sends me things online; we’re very close.”

Glau said working with Skylar has been a special experience. “When I was first working on the show, I was working with Skye and there was a period of time when she wasn’t there and I was shooting without her…I remember the day she came back, I felt so happy and being on set with her was a really special experience for me. It was the first time that I’ve really bonded with a young, young actor like that before. And I remember how nice it was reuniting with her and how much it meant to me and I hope to do it again.”

Working with John Pyper-Ferguson

“John is a wonderful actor. Terrific, generous. Just an optimistic, funny personality,” said Miller when talking about John Pyper-Ferguson, who plays Stanton Parish. “[He] makes everything that we do turn out better and more interesting and he makes the best kind of adversary because he’s the adversary…who seems to be on the right side of the argument, which is the most interesting adversary, I think. He’s been terrific and when you have someone like David Strathairn and the whole team, if you’re going to have a foil…you can’t just have a cardboard cutout. You have to have someone with the ability and depth John Pyper-Ferguson brings to it and honestly the sympathy that he can engender in the audience…” he said.

Miller also talked about the approach Pyper-Ferguson applies to the role. “Also, to play that kind of character, his character who has lived a very long time, I think that he brings a grace and a wisdom to…everything about that role, to the way he dresses, to the way he reads a newspaper, to the way he sits–There’s kind of nostalgia in the whole way he plays the character that is just lovely,” he said.

The season finale of Alphas airs Monday, October 22 at 8/7c