666 Park Avenue Season 1 “Hero Complex” Review – Will There Be A Sideways Universe?

666 Park Avenue Episode 4 Hero Complex (11)

Okay, so I was on board with 666 Park Avenue and the premise from the gate. But “Hero Complex” derived a little too much from the premise of the show for me, especially the stupid musical montage at the end.

Oh, not to mention the random assassin that was imaginary, but not really? And the smoke monster that popped out of that suitcase like it had been smuggled right off of the set of Lost. Come on.

666 Park Avenue had some fun episodes at the beginning with a different resident of The Drake every week, instead we got to see Henry face off with Gavin (seriously? Who do you think will win that fight?) and do a horrid job of sneaking into Gavin’s office and nabbing some conveniently named computer documents (Greenpoint Towers.doc and Henry Martin and Jane VanBenn.doc) before he has a change of heart and decides not to read them.

Does anyone else thing Henry is just a little too precious for this world? While I appreciate that we need a hero character to counter Gavin’s villainous side, tell me that finding your name on some crazy’s computer wouldn’t warrant a quick look?

Meanwhile, Jane is attempting to bond with Nona, the token troubled teen who steals, sees a shrink, and lost her parents. She’s also living with her grandmother who is pretty much in a coma in a back bedroom. Oh, AND Nona has psychic visions.

So, while that’s going on Henry takes out an assassin (which… if a civilian can take out an assassin that easily, said assassin needs to go into a different line of work), and thus becomes the hero of the hour. Follow this up with smoke monster turned creepy guy at the end of the episode and 666 Park Avenue isn’t going in a great direction.

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