Walking Dead Season 3 Review “Sick”- Do NOT throw a zombie at Rick!

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 2 Sick

After Walking Dead started their third season with one of the best episodes of the series last week, tonight’s follow-up “Sick” sure had a lot to live up to! Upon hearing the episode title, I wasn’t sure if it meant that somebody in the crew was sick, or something that somebody did was sick. After watching the episode, it turns out it was both!

We pick up the installment right where we left our survivors, as they find out that the prison that they thought was abandoned actually has a few inmates still inside! We meet Axel, Andrew, Big Tiny, Oscar, and Tomas. His name wasn’t listed on the AMC website or on IMDb, so if you know his real name then let me know in the comments.

Anyway, after our group takes Hershel back to their cell block and bandages him up, these five prisoners follow them back to discuss what’s going to happen. We find out that these guys have all been locked up in the cafeteria for around 282 days, so they actually had to have the news broken to them what’s been going on with the walkers. It’s neat to see new faces on this show, but I did wish these guys’ reaction to this terrible news was a little more realistic. You’ve just been told that the whole world is ended, your entire family is most likely dead, and you’re infected with a disease that will turn you into a flesh eating monster when you die. However, the most upset reaction any of them had was Big Tiny asking “What about my moms?”

One of my very few complaints with last week’s episode was concerning Lori. Poor Lori has been such a punching bag among Walking Dead fans ever since last season, and her melodrama last week over whether or not her baby will eat its way out of her womb was a bit too much, so it was great to see her trying to atone for her problems this week. She was very supportive about Hershel’s injury, and she even admitted to Rick that she’s been a bad wife and not winning any mother of the year awards. Thank you for finally fessin’ up, Lori! I’m hoping this was enough to satisfy the Walking Dead fans that hate her so much, and hopefully she’ll be written better in the future. While she did go off on Carl a little bit here, at least it was somewhat justified this time.

Meanwhile, Rick agreed to help these five prisoners clear out their own cell block and have them live there. I figured that some of these guys would die this episode, as introducing five new characters all at once would be a little excessive for this show, but I didn’t know they’d go out so quickly, or that they’d kill off three of the five! Poor Big Tiny got scratched by a walker, and was quickly put down by Tomas in a brutal fashion. After seeing how insane Tomas went on Big Tiny, Darryl and Rick were very wary of him, so when Tomas basically threw a walker on top of Rick, Rick rewarded him with a machete to the skull! This was by far the most brutal kill we’ve ever seen Rick deliver to a non-walker, and one of the few non-walkers we’ve seen him kill ever. Rick killed those two guys Dave and Tony in that bar back in season two’s “Nebraska”, but that wasn’t anywhere near as violent. He then follows this up by locking poor Andrew outside with the walkers, and then locks Oscar and Axel in their cell block! I’m really loving this new Rick, and I’m loving that Walking Dead is still able to surprise me so easily!

There were a few other nice little scenes here, as Maggie had a very nice goodbye to her dad. It turned out not to be so much of a goodbye, as he’s apparently coming to now (although he still hasn’t said anything), but it was a very touching scene nonetheless. Maggie has really grown in this series, and it’s definitely been great to see her relationship with Glenn and her father maturing.

Meanwhile, Carol had a very interesting proposal for Glenn. Feeling too medically inexperienced to perform a C-section for Lori’s baby, Carol asks Glenn to help her kill a female walker so she can practice the surgery on a cadaver. Nothing much came of this, as she probably won’t be the one performing the surgery now that Hershel is conscious, but we did see somebody peeking at her from the trees. Who was that?! Somebody from The Governor’s community, perhaps?

We never saw Andrea and Michonne in this episode, but it looks like we’ll catch back up with them next week. The next episode will also introduce us to The Governor, played by David Morissey! After two great episodes to start season three, I can’t expect anything less out of next Sunday’s installment! I’ll see you all then!

Random Thoughts:

– Maggie’s goodbye to Hershel was a very touching scene, but the whole time I was so worried that Hershel would turn at any second. Same with when Lori was giving him CPR! Get away from his mouth, Lori!

– I think I might have recommended these already, but if you haven’t already played the Walking Dead games developed by Telltale, they’re really great. They’re also now going to be available at retail on December 4th, packaged with the first 40 editions of the comics! A great Christmas present for the Walking Dead fan on your list!

– Does anybody else feel like the “Talking Dead” recap show really throws off the super-serious vibe of the TV show it’s discussing? I get that AMC wants to really milk their biggest hit, but I’m not a fan of cutting to the commercial after a really touching scene between Maggie and Hershel and then hearing Chris Hardwicke yelling at me!