Revenge Season 2 Review “Intuition” – Out, Damn Spot!

Revenge Season 2 Episode 4 Intuition (10)
Welcome to the world, Baby Boy Porter. In a dramatic entrance fitting of the high-stakes universe of which he’s about to become a part, Jack and Amanda’s baby arrived in this week’s episode of Revenge, “Intuition,” after Victoria accidentally (?) pushed Amanda over a balcony at Grayson manor during her baby shower. She’s always had blood on her hands, but this time it was more than just metaphoric spots.

What preceded the fall was just as dramatic. Using the fake journal of David Clarke as leverage, Emily coaxed Amanda through blackmailing Victoria for information about her mother, but the first technical issues of the entire show prevented her from hearing the last bit before Amanda went over the railing…that David had his wife committed because she tried to kill Emily when she was a little girl.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that Mrs. Clarke is any more stable now; she managed to get Adrian knocked out and tied up after he tried to get more information out of her about the White Haired Man. Yes, I realize he has a name, but he will always be good old White Hair to me. Afterwards, she heard about Amanda’s accident on the radio and rushed to the hospital to sit at her “daughter’s” side while she lay in a coma. Emily found her mother again, but couldn’t say anything to her. No wonder she let Adrian comfort her.

If Adrian’s history with Emily wasn’t so compelling (he’s the only person she has ever allowed to see her break down and cry), I don’t think I’d like him as much. He really isn’t any good at this intrigue stuff. I thought last week’s bad performance might have been a fluke, but, alas, I’m now convinced that he really should have stayed at Takeda’s House of Retribution for the full training package.

Meanwhile, Daniel was starting to catch on to the fact that Ashley has been reporting his moves to Conrad and his suspicions were confirmed when he checked her voicemail, but she escaped his righteous indignation when he overheard her resigning as Conrad’s spy. He’s a fool, though, if he decides she’s trustworthy now. That girl would sell her soul to the devil if it would keep her in the lifestyle to which she’s become accustomed.
Nolan found out that his father died and together with his new CFO, Padma, he went to clean out his things. There was a lot of Nolan Ross memorabilia, including a framed check from David Clarke that started Nolan’s company. Even though Padma had just kissed Nolan in a very sweet scene, she seemed to recognize the significance of the name. Please don’t let her be caught up in the badness; I want something good and innocent for Nolan!

Also, there was some stuff with the guy whose house Declan and his punk friend broke into. He’s working with the punk friend to buy the bar for some reason. I kind of hope he’s the guy who dies in the boat just so we can get rid of this odd plot thread.

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