Dexter Season 7 Review “Run”- Dexter vs. The Minotaur

Dexter Season 7 Episode 4 Run (13)

“Are you even capable of love?” – Debra Morgan
“I love you…” – Dexter Morgan

EEEUUUGGGHHH. Great. Well, here it is, ladies and gentlemen. My least favorite sub-plot in Dexter history makes a brief reappearance this week as Deb and Dex discuss their feelings in tonight’s otherwise solid episode “Run”.

Debra’s creepy romantic feelings for Dexter was a huge sticking point last season. In a season that already had a lot of problems, most Dexter fans were a bit freaked out by Deb coming to realize that she might have these kinds of feelings for her adopted brother. Although some people will defend this development, pointing out that they aren’t technically related by blood, I was completely against it. These two have always been considered brother and sister on this show. That’s it. For the Dexter writers to pretend like they were setting anything like this up is just incorrect and irresponsible.

So the creepiness returns in tonight’s episode with Deb dreaming of her bathtub being filled up with blood. Bloody bathtubs are already a very loaded image in the Dexter universe, but adding Dexter standing there with his hand outstretched wearing a tux, asking Deb “Will you be mine?” definitely ups the creep factor. Even though the romantic undertones are not welcome, this scene does lead Deb to the realization that Dexter killed Trinity. I absolutely loved this, and I really loved Deb asking the obvious question of whether or not it was actually Dexter that killed her. I also liked to hear her calling him out on his decision to go after Trinity alone. There’s been plenty of times in this show’s history where you really wonder why Dexter is deciding to go rogue when asking for help from Miami Metro would be the smart thing to do. It was tough to hear, but Deb hit the nail on the head in calling him selfish.

Dexter being selfish leads me to another complaint on the episode, and a complaint on the season so far in general: Harrison. Dexter Morgan is nothing if not rational, so how does he rationally justify Harrison being raised by a nanny as being a better option than being raised alongside his half brother and sister with two functioning parental figures? Sure, this may not affect the main story lines of the series, but it’s very noticeable that the writers simply don’t know what to do with Harrison. Thankfully they seemed to acknowledge this shortcoming a little bit with Dexter going through Harrison’s toys realizing how much he’s growing up without him, but instead of shaping up and making the decision to spend more time with him, he ships him off to his grandparents’ house. He says he needs him out just so he can take care of Speltzer, but I doubt he would come back so quickly.

Meanwhile, down at the ol’ Foxhole strip club, Isaac and company decide they need a patsy on whom to pin Anderson’s murder. I’m not sure why they’re only thinking about this now, but they decide on poor bartender Alex. Isaac is really getting fleshed out well as this season’s villain. He definitely has the friendly vibe down that Arthur Mitchell exhibited back in season four. The vibe where you can smile at someone as you plunge a screwdriver into their eye socket. We also find out that Viktor was either his son or somebody very close to him. Really interested to see where this goes, as he’s very hot on Dexter’s tail.

The lovely Yvonne Strahovski is not faring as well as the other big guest star. Even though her character Hannah McKay is only in her second episode, I still don’t know what her deal is. She seems a little bland, so I’m hoping to see a lot more out of her in the rest of the season.

Meanwhile, I guess I should mention what Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum are up to, as Quinn and Batista are still shutting down the Foxhole. While it is a little admirable that Quinn didn’t except George’s bribe, he follows that up with being a complete tool about how he’s dating a stripper. Oh, I mean “dancer”. He’s also trying to get Alex’s death notched up as a suicide as quickly as possible. That whole scene between him and Batista was cringe worthy. “At least you have somebody special in your life” says Batista. Oh my gosh, if only I could fast-forward…

The end of the episode was really great, if a little bit unrealistic. Dexter goes to do some recon in Speltzer’s trailer, but then gets attacked and wakes up in a large maze being chased by Speltzer. This scene was exciting and all, and it was a lot of fun to watch, but it’s a little unbelievable that a graveyard worker has a multi-level, elaborate labyrinth set up in some abandoned warehouse somewhere. Speltzer was never really fleshed out to be a criminal mastermind, but he’s got some super elaborate set-up like a Batman villain? I was half expecting some of his henchmen to jump out and attack Dexter.

Speltzer, meanwhile, shows up at the funeral for Melanie (The girl he killed last week). This of course makes Deb go nuts and verbally attack him, which leads into yet another heart to heart between Deb and Dex. While I’m enjoying all of the great scenes we’re getting between these two this season, I really hope that Deb makes up her mind either way about what she’s going to do about Dexter. Constantly hearing about how “Everything has changed” and “You aren’t the person I thought I knew” will get old pretty quick. Saying that she’s glad Speltzer is dead is a good step, and maybe that can be her threshold concerning Dexter’s killings. If somebody has gone through the justice system, and the system has failed, only then will it be acceptable for Dexter to step in. Maybe the thing she takes umbrage with is Dexter killing people before Miami Metro even gets a crack at them.

It may sound like I’m complaining a lot about this show, but I’m really enjoyed this episode and I’m enjoying this season as a whole. The Debra/Dexter stuff is great, Isaac is filling out nicely as a villain, and Hannah has potential. I hope that the Deb/Dex romance gets snuffed out pretty quickly and that Dexter’s situation with Harrison is addressed, but everything else is going pretty darn well. Can’t wait for next week!

Random Thoughts:

– I’m not a lawyer or anything, but shouldn’t the whole “Not being read your Miranda rights” excuse only work for small crimes or misdemeanors? Like maybe you jaywalked, and a cop forgets to read you your Miranda rights, maybe then you can get out on a technicality. If you’ve already admitted to attacking and killing multiple women, though? Come on…

– It’s funny how people rarely talk during Dexter’s inner monologues. This means that there’s just convenient lulls in the conversation all the time as Dexter shares his thoughts with us. Those must be strange conversations to listen to…

– Dexter’s little maneuver in the crematorium was pretty awesome. I had to re-watch it a couple times, when he swooped under the railings and jumped on Speltzer. Very nice.

  • Yes, they need to move on with Dexter and Deb and have her work toward a decision. It not good to  repeat too many scenes of this kind between them with no movement forward, it will get old. Dexter should send Harrison to his grands and step siblings, it will help the writers move the stories along without having to worry so much about him. Dexter could visit as necessary. I don’t like the little kid actor anyway. He doesn’t act as much as he’s just a body there.

  • Fhrhh23

    Every once in a while this show flirts with head scratching improbability and the straight up implausible. The Miranda rights crap was sheer, implausible fiction. A judge isn’t going to throw out a confession because a defendant failed to verbally recognize that he understood his rights. Also, why would they have a funeral for Anderson in Florida when he was originally shipped in from Chicago? His friends and family just picked up and decided to have the funeral half a country away? Other than that, good episode, good season so far.

    • checkyourfacts

       the funeral wasnt for mike anderson. the funeral was for the girl that speltzer murdered last week. thats why speltzer showed up in the first place, and why deb got so mad. in fact they have a picture of the girl outside the funeral home, blatantly clarifying that the funeral is for the girl.but hey at least you had a legitimate complaint about the episode

  • Thunderman

    probably Your random thoughts sooner or later realise how this serie especially this one is builded, created for blinded people who believe in Tv shows in general. what im trying to say is that is so much bull..t like dexter reaching Minotaurs house from mausoleum in 90 seconds that was really a joke and while Debra was already in the house he was standing waiting for that dude with hornsLOL  and also letting guy free was  made up to let dexter kill again, and the saddest thing whole psychological image of Debra is so fake so made up for, there are much stronger feelings than love and this show trying to escape from reality there is NO CHANCE SHE WOULD BEHAVE LIKE THAT FINDING THAT HER BROTHER KILLED HUNDREDS PEOPLE AND USED MANY TRICKS SHE WOULD FEEL BETRAYED AND AT LEAST SHOULD QUIT POLICE but this is only tv Show

    • Dexter is, and always has been, a superhero show.  Dexter is a vigilante anti-hero like V (V for Venetta) or Blade (take out the vampire element).  Dex the lab rat is Clark Kent.  Dex the killer (or Bayharbor Butcher if you want to use season 2’s nickname) is the hero.  The secret identity is there.  He even wears the same outfit when he kills.  Deb is essentially the Lois Lane or Maryjane Parker of it all.  And she just found out his true identity.  Therefore, any and all talks of Dexter being “unrealistic” are silly.  Of course it is unrealistic.  If you want to beat up on a cop drama that is full of holes and takes itself too seriously, there are plenty of them out there, but Dexter isn’t one of them.

      • Thunderman

        Yes i understand what You saying, but i still dont understand what exactly superhero means, maybe u call me old fashioned but Dexter of course we know – he is very clever and smart to avoid justice but it doesnt make him somebody who is capable to move faster than any other human or reading minds am i right ?? all what i see in 7th season is great 1st opening episode and later completely nothing like showmakers didnt know exactly what Deb is gonna do after finding out about Dexter and what would u can call thrill for me is ”make-no-sense” tell me here is  one example ! what is the risk – they find out dexter was in Airport place full of cameras it kinda suicidal mission, following russina mobster anybody see him and one more suspicion dexter cann see bars forever (probably till execution). So dexter because is superhero can kill whoever he wants and whereever ??? only because its Tv show and makers has no good ideas we need to watch something little bit silly ?. showing how dexter was determined to kill, few days later because deb was controlling dexter he needed to find a trick to finally kill again, so i ask myself why dexter cannot kill debra ??? For some reasons 2nd episode was slow and nothing serious happened only gibberish. maybe u are not clever enought while watching episodes to realize what is completely made up story but calling him anti-hero isnt good idea too, dexter is calling only through a code so he kills only bad people,

  • Cmgiibruce

    you mention that Deb and Dex are not blood related. this is incorrect…..Dex discovered that Harry was his biological dad years ago and never admitted to Dex he was having an affair with Dex’s biological mom. Remember?

    • Anonymous

      No, Dex just discovered that Harry was having an affair with his mom, but never thought he was his biological dad.  Dexter found out who his biological father was back in season one, episode nine called “Father Knows Best”. It’s Joe Driscoll, the guy who left his house and all of his stuff to Dexter.

    • No.  His biological father left him a house in Florida during season 1.  Dex did a dna test to make sure it was really his dad.  And it was.
      Harry WAS sleeping with Dexter’s mom, but this was after Dexter was already born.

  • JennyS

    I don’t think it’s fair to judge Hannah’s character as “bland” when she has had two scenes and about 5 minutes of screentime. It’s obvious that they deliberately didn’t reveal to much about about Hannah’s true nature, and that’s why she didn’t do too much. However, that is going to change starting next week. Judging from the sneak peak for next week, Hannah is going to be an amazing character.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I mentioned that she’s only been in two episodes and I’m sure she’ll get fleshed out a little more.  However, there’s been tons of guest stars in the past on this show who have totally hooked me within 5 minutes of their introduction; Arthur Mitchell, Jordan Chase, Lumen Pierce, even Isaac from this season.  It just makes me wonder why they’d even bother introducing her in episode three if they’re not going to give her anything to do…

  • I thought of Dexter’s I love you as a brotherly one so I didn’t see it as creepy. I already eradicated that creepy story line from my brain.

  • Hellawakens23

    They should have a added a new twist where Deborah goes into her own dialogues and how she feels about Dexter being a serial killer.

  • Hellawakens23

    Funny why you would think the Dex and Deb thing is creepy when you are watching a show about a serial killer who justifies killing.  Not only that he kills them but that he chops them up and dumps the bodies in the ocean.  They have to add the Jerry Springer twist to it to make it more entertaining.  Weather you love it or hate it you keep watching.  FYI it doesn’t bother me because I know they are not blood related. 

    • Anonymous

      That’s not it at all.  This show established from the very first scene of the very first episode that their main protagonist is a serial killer, and that if you were against that then this isn’t a show for you.  They’ve thankfully fleshed out Dexter’s character wonderfully over the past few seasons, and they’ve adequately explained why he kills people.
      The Deb/Dex romance was NOT in the show at all until it came out of the blue in season six.  If they set up since season one or two that Deb might be struggling with these feelings for her adopted brother, then I might not have any problems with it.  Just the fact that it came out of nowhere when we’ve already enjoyed Deb and Dexter’s relationship as brother and sister makes it stick out like a sore thumb.
      Game of Thrones set up in the very first episode that two of their characters had an incestuous relationship.  It didn’t bother me as much there, because that’s the way the characters were written and conceived from the get-go.

      • Alex Mounsey

        I think if you go back and look at previous episodes you can easily interpret that Debra is powerfully drawn to her brother. A large part of it is that he’s an emotional black-hole that she’s desperate to have a connection with. She’s also got tons of father issues to project onto him and that are arguably the result of his adoption, loads of emotional trauma, ended up being engaged to his biological brother.

        It’s far from the healthiest feeling to have, but it’s not out of the blue.

        • Anonymous

          I agree that she has a powerful connection to Dexter, but it’s never been anything more than the powerful connection that a little sister feels for her older brother.  We liked them as a brother and sister, so to force romantic feelings on her doesn’t feel natural or earned at all to me.

  • Hellawakens23

    Funny why you would think the Dex and Deb thing is creepy when you are watching a show about a serial killer who justifies killing.  Not only that he kills them but that he chops them up and dumps the bodies in the ocean.  They have to add the Jerry Springer twist to it to make it more entertaining.  Weather you love it or hate it you keep watching.  FYI it doesn’t bother me because I know they are not blood related.