Nikita Season 3 Review “3.0”

Nikita Season 3 Premiere 2012 "3.0" (7)

It’s a brand new Division in the season premiere of Nikita, ‘3.0’, and we’re given a much more relaxed show than fans have experienced over the past two years.

If the sight of Nikita making friends at a yoga class wasn’t enough to convince us that things have changed dramatically for these characters, the final scene definitely will. The vengeful and angry Nikita is a thing of the past, and she’s now trying to find her place working underneath superiors (most notably, Ryan) again. She has Michael, of course, but her decreased pressure has lightened the show considerably along with her. It’s the same cast of characters we’ve come to love, but with a whole new mode of operations.

The mission this week paves the way for things to come, as Michael and Nikita head to Hong Kong to track down ex-Division agent, Martin. The great thing about these new targets his how smart and capable they are. Nikita and Michael might be the golden children of Division, but the people they’re hunting were training just as well and they’re going to have trouble competing with their own. Alex, with her cover completely blown, isn’t much help either, but actually aids them this week by causing a useful distraction.

Ryan is struggling for power with underlings used to doing their own thing, making their own decisions, and he and Nikita majorly clash this week. Will this be something that festers and develops over season three? I hope so, since none of us were expecting a ‘happy families’ Division where every mission was an outright success and they all agreed on how to do things. Birkoff, who had some great lines this week, benefits from being one of Nikita (and Michael)’s first friends and accomplices behind the scenes, and keeps the office setting from turning completely against their operative.

What did you think of the episode? Will Michael and Nikita actually make it down the aisle? Does watching the characters lead normal lives change the show for the better or worse? Let us know in the comments.