Haven Season 3 Review “Double Jeopardy”

Thanks to the Troubles, the idea of vigilante justice was taken to an entirely different level on this week’s episode of Haven, “Double Jeopardy.” Lady Justice herself stepped out to even the scales among the townspeople of Haven, and Duke was a repeat offender on her list.

Because the first victim had his eyes gouged out with a spoon, Audrey suspected the attacker might have been her abductor, who they now call “The Bolt Gun Killer.” The M.O. wasn’t quite the same and a screenshot from the upskirt-video-perv’s webcam revealed that his attacker was a woman.

Although Lady Justice wasn’t a force to be trifled with, Duke’s initial encounters with her were rather comical. I loved that he assumed that she was one of the many girls from his past that he couldn’t quite remember, but who probably had a reason to be angry with him. It became much less funny once Duke realized that this woman was Troubled and that she was doling out punishment for crimes that had gone unpunished.

This led to Audrey and Duke spending some quality time together. Like a goofy kid, Duke looked forward to their time together as slumber party material, but Nathan didn’t hesitate to remind him that Audrey was probably using Duke as bait. For Audrey, the truth was somewhere in the middle – she wanted to keep Duke safe, but she knew her best chances of running into Lady Justice was to keep Duke at her side.

Whatever her motives, the night ended up with the two friends talking candidly. Duke was able to tell Audrey that to him, she wasn’t Lucy Ripley or anyone else. He told her she was Audrey Parker, and out of all this mess in Haven, he was happy to have at least been able to meet Audrey Parker. Even though she fell asleep towards the end of the conversation, I hope that Duke’s words reached Audrey’s heart, because I think that distinction will be key in Audrey being able to change her supposed destiny.

As soon as we saw the court recorder in the background while Nathan was chatting with Judge Boon about bribes, it was pretty obvious who the source of the Lady Justice golem was. Aside from being Troubled, all that time in the court recorder’s seat had made Lynette a little crazy. Maybe if Lynette had regular sessions with Claire, she wouldn’t have conjured up Lady Justice. I wonder how Duke and Audrey plan to spin these “unsolved” attacks and explain the missing court recorder who now shows up in the court mural.

After her last dream, Audrey’s flashbacks had stopped and she was unable to recall any new memories, so Claire suggested that Audrey try to bring her memories to reality through facial composites. I’m still not entirely sure what to make of Claire and although I like her in general, I’m sort of suspicious of her. I’d like to think that she’s got Audrey’s best interests at heart, but her appearance on the scene in Haven coincided a little conveniently with Audrey’s flashbacks and her fated disappearance with the meteor shower just a little over a month away. In the same way that Audrey’s vision of her old boss told her to stop remembering, I can’t help but wonder if Claire is encouraging Audrey to remember to set a chain of events into motion.

Meanwhile, Nathan was still pursuing his connection with The Guard through Jordan McKay. In an attempt to prove his loyalty, he helped arrange a prison transfer for a Troubled man who was arrested for arson and murder. Jordan told Nathan that she wanted the man moved so he could receive treatment for cancer, but the reality was that she wanted to coordinate an escape. She also told a different story of his “crime” explaining to Nathan that the man had been Troubled and burned his house down inadvertently because of a nightmare linked to his Trouble – not to collect on insurance as was claimed in court.

Jordan and Nathan’s relationship is interesting because I imagine that Jordan sees Nathan in much the same way that Nathan saw Audrey after he realized that he could feel Audrey. Nathan doesn’t feel the pain Jordan causes, so for the first time in a very long time, she’s able to enjoy the touch of another human being. The Guard seems like the wrong crowd for Nathan to get involved with, but I can’t help but like Jordan because of the way she struggles with her Trouble. She may want to protect the other Troubled in Haven, but she doesn’t feel special because she’s Troubled and I suspect that she’d be happy to see the Troubles leave once and for all.

In a creepy end to this week’s Haven, Audrey finally realized that the Bolt Gun Killer wasn’t just keeping body parts as trophies, he was building a woman. The Bolt Gun Killer is a completely creepy serial killer, but I’m so curious to find out what his motives are and what he plans to do with that Frankenstein monster he’s building when he gets back to Haven.