TNT Developing Dean Koontz’s ‘Frankenstein’ to Series


According to a report at Deadline, the cable network TNT is developing a drama series based on the five Frankenstein novels by legendary author Dean Koontz.

This modern-day reworking of the classic mythology will be written by feature film scribe James V. Holt (‘Dracula’ and ‘Hook’) and his son Jake Hart, and will “follow Victor Helios (Frankenstein) and his creation 200 years after they thought they killed each other in a battle in the Arctic. The creature has survived and Victor has used science to keep himself alive — and they’re now in the same city unbeknownst to each other. Victor has engineered a new race of bizarre beings who answer to him, and when the creature learns that Victor is alive, an epic war ensues built on 200 years of pent-up rage, with New Orleans caught in the middle”.

‘Frankenstein’ will be executive produced by Hart (Sr.) and Koontz and comes from Lionsgate Television and 1019 Entertainment.