The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Review “Memorial” – There’s a New Hunter in Town…

It’s starting to feel like every other episode of The Vampire Diaries is a type of ‘Memorial’. There’s always some big goodbye or some town event to mark something. This week was a memorial service for the town council, and the only things that stopped it from getting a little too same-y were Elena trying to figure out her new vampire feeding process and a new vampire hunter who means business.

In honor of her new vampire status, Elena needs a nickname. I think we should go with Vlampena, which makes her sound vaguely like some sort of dance, european foodstuff, or knockoff Vampira. Anyhoo, this week Vlampena was attempting to deal with her new vampiric hunger pangs. Stefan, wise one that he is, decided it was the perfect time for an experiment: can vampires survive on animal blood alone without ever having tasted human blood? He claims he wants this to work because Vlampena would crumble if she ever accidentally killed someone (while simultaneously saying how strong she is), and Damon is understandably cynical. Eventually Vlampena turns to him for support — and his blood — and they end up having a sort of pseudo-affair.

It’s pretty damned depressing when sucking the life out of your boyfriend’s brother is sexier than actually making out with your boyfriend, Vlampena. Heck, her feeding from Matt was hotter than her making out with Stefan. Of course, this could just be because she didn’t puke up blood afterwards. That ain’t sexy.

Meanwhile, there’s a new vampire hunter in town. Connor is badass, and he’s gunning for the vampires of Mystic Falls. He sets his sights on Tywolf, whom he first shoots in the Lockwood mansion. (Sidenote: Caroline, really? You hear gunshots downstairs and you stopped to get dressed? You’re a vampire, chicky; going to save the day in your underwear is the least of your worries.) Then Connor shoots Tywolf again, in the middle of the memorial service after Connor’s initial plan to lure the vampires out with human blood fails. Suffice to say that Connor is probably going to be a huge pain in the ass. Especially when Tywolf has to explain his miraculous recovery to the doctors and residents of Mystic Falls.

But let’s not mistake Connor for a regular annoying hunter, oh no. He has wooden bullets with mysterious markings, and tattoos that only Jeremy, our resident psychic, can see. This doesn’t bode well for the vampires, but it probably foreshadows something pretty horrible for Jeremy as well. Will Connor try to kill Jeremy thinking he’s a supernatural? Will he try to turn Jeremy to his side? I dread to think.

On a slightly less depressing note (where ‘less’ is a relative value), Alaric was back this week, albeit in ghostly form. While the Scrappy gang had their own personal memorial service (in which Vlampena said goodbye to herself, because Elena is nothing if not a little self-centered), Damon went to drunkenly speechify at Alaric’s grave. He’s lost his best friend, he’s lost the girl, and he’s essentially playing babysitter to a bunch of kids who keep getting themselves into scrapes — Damon is not a happy man. Neither is Alaric, it seems, as he says a quiet ‘I miss you too’. Quick, Jeremy, come make another ghost buddy!

Finally, there’s a new human in town. April Young is the dead pastor’s daughter, Connor’s unwitting victim, and the subject of Elena’s first mindwhammy. She’s young, she’s pretty, she’s slightly emo and socially awkward: she’s basically Jeremy’s kryptonite. I’m guessing it won’t be long before they end up flirting. (Sidenote: I actually didn’t like her at all. Anna did it so much better.) Presumably April is our new untainted human link to The Vampire Diaries, someone who has no baggage and is coming in to this crazy world with fresh eyes. But is she all that she seems?

Connor found a letter written by Pastor Young that tells her about how Mystic Falls has bad things, but there’s a bigger bad coming. It’s very vague — is it possible that April already knows something about this? Or is she about to get a terrifying introduction to the supernatural world?

Overall, a good episode. Connor looks to be a great new bad guy, everyone — even Jeremy — felt like a proper part of the gang, and the season is shaping up really well. I could do without the big town gatherings and angsty goodbyes, but let’s be honest, this probably wouldn’t be the Mystic Falls we all love without them. Emo on, Scrappies, emo on.

What did you think of ‘Memorial’, dear reader? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!