The League Season 4 Review “The Hoodie”

You know, I have to hand it to “The League.” It’s as if they found a way to take all of those Judd Apatow “line-o-rama” reels where his casts just spout out the silliest improvisation they can come up with off the top of their head and actually made an entire show out of that. Watching those outtakes, you get the sense that the actors could just go on and on spouting funny lines- witness the “You know how I know you’re gay?” bit, for one, on the “Knocked Up” bonus features.

“The League” is the same way, and last night’s episode “The Hoodie” was no exception. Who else thought they could have filled an entire show with cracks about poor Andre’s hoodie- much less the three-layer sweater he wore later on? Such is the beauty of what “The League” does best: it makes the entire show feel like it’s actually spilling out as it happens, as if you’re watching a documentary and not a sitcom.

It also excels at sports references and metaphors. The bit about scoring women the way one scores draft picks was particularly brilliant, least of all when the boys discovered the ladies did it too, as Sutton confesses later on in the show before unloading Pete for Taco (!). Poor guy- but her assessment wasn’t wrong. (On a side note, did anyone else think that was Clooney squeeze Stacey Keibler at first?)

Speaking of sexy ladies, Shiva also made a return appearance as well, attempting to broker her old, less-than-flattering pic off the trophy that bears her name by way of imparting key info about Andre’s “buried penis” or “fuba.” Basically, it’s a half-circumcision, and the same thing ended up happening to Kevin’s newborn, Christopher- aka “Chalupa Batman”- when he burst in during said act. Boy, is this kid doomed. Not a good start all around between this episode and the last.

Needless to say, penis jokes abounded. Andre: “I’m not a human dick!” Ruxin: “History has proven otherwise.” Kevin’s was called “More of a character actor than a leading man” by his own wife, leading him to declare his junk to be like the “Stephen Tobolowsky” of dicks, in the most hilariously-obscure reference. He later implored that his pals not refer to his son’s member “as if it were Fourth-meal.” Meanwhile, the Shiva Bowl became the “Sheath-a Bowl” and the NFL, the “National Foreskin League,” featuring the “Washington Shed-skins.”

I also loved Andre’s admission that he mostly blogs about “magic and sometimes Don Henley.” And the declaration that Taco was on a “5-second delay.” Finally, there was Kevin’s hilarious declaration to his wife’s good-looking doctor that “she had a baby because I put it inside her.with my penis!” Kevin’s attempt to talk to his daughter about the whole circumcision thing was also comedy gold all around. Add her to the list of kids who will eventually need extensive therapy to function normally in society.

All in all, another solid episode. I could listen to these guys rip on each other all day, and even longer with Jenny’s occasional digs, which are almost always right on target, and hilariously mean. (The “character actor” but was priceless. Classic Jenny.)

What did you think? Should we start collecting money for Kevin’s kids’ therapy now? Do you think the gang is at least as funny- if not funnier- than Apatow’s crew? Let me know in the comments!