The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Review “The Re-Entry Minimization” – Even Space Cowboys Get the Blues

This week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, “The Re-Entry Minimization,” was what I’ve been wanting from the show since the season premiere. It was funny, but not mean, and personal without being melodramatic. Also, there was no mention of Leonard and Penny breaking up yet again. Let’s hope they just forget that whole plot thread.

Howard came back down to Earth, but rather than a hero’s welcome from his friends and family, he returned only to find that his wife is sick, his mother is sleeping with his dentist, his best friend has replaced him with Stuart and his other friends cared more about winning a pie-eating contest than welcoming him home.
You really felt for the poor guy. I’m always amazed at how Simon Helberg took the character who could have been utterly reprehensible and turned him into someone completely loveable. In some ways I think he might have done it even better than Jim Parsons. Sheldon can still grate on the nerves more than just occasionally, but Howard really grows on you. I hope he gets something next week, a party or a cake or even just a really good night with his wife.

Meanwhile, it was game night at Sheldon and Leonard’s. Girls versus guys in the classic Pictionary. To Sheldon’s disbelief and Leonard’s frustration, Penny and Amy used the boys to wipe the floor, mostly due to Sheldon’s inability to think small. Why draw a Christmas present when you can think abstractly and draw the present as in the present scene going on around you?
But it wasn’t just Pictionary. Thanks to a little common sense and a bit of luck, the girls beat their men at every game that followed, although in all fairness it would have been their asses getting handed around if Sheldon had gotten his way with Physics Fiesta. I would have paid big money to have been in the audience during the taping of the pie-eating contest.

So, Howard is back. Do we think that his mother’s secret love life will allow Howard to grow a pair and leave the house? How long will Stuart last now that Raj has his real little buddy back? And who won the pie-eating contest? Let me know below! And remember you can always follow me on Twitter @krieli1 so you never miss a review!