Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 Review “Love the One You’re With”

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Episode 3 Love the One You're With (4)

On this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, we found our favorite Seattle Grace doctors continuing to adjust to changes in the dynamics of their personal and professional lives. Although most of the adjustments relate to the crash that took the lives of Mark and Lexie, the doctors are also making adjustments to changes in their professional lives.

In non crash-related adjustments, Bailey had a hard time adjusting to the presence of the new attending physicians in her favorite lounge. Although I too would be annoyed with messy microwaves, gym bags and a napping Karev, I would have no objections to Jackson changing his clothes on a regular basis. More of that please and thank you! It turned out that Bailey’s real issue was adjusting to her son bravely embarking upon his first year of school without any hesitation. Always there to give Bailey a reality check from time to time, Dr. Webber wisely pointed out that she can use her free hand to embark upon new adventures in her career. I love the friendship between these two.

Having no knowledge of Owen’s trip to the farm, everyone was shocked to see April back. I actually think that Meredith was more shocked that April had officially joined the ranks of the sexually active courtesy of Jackson, than Jackson was to see that April returned. The bonding moment between Meredith and Jackson was pretty great as well. I especially loved Meredith’s comeback to Jackson’s revelation that Dr. Webber slept with his mother.

Of course, it came as no surprise that April’s decision to “forget” that she and Jackson had sex and plan to “re-virginize” herself would not last a single episode. I’m actually rooting for this couple. Let’s hope they both make it out of this season alive and not completely scarred by their relationship. Exactly how many seasons did it take Shonda Rhimes to finally put Derek and Meredith in a happy, normal, fully-functioning relationship?

Speaking of Mr. and Mrs. McDreamy, the crash survivors were faced with a tough choice this week. They were offered a huge settlement payment in exchange for giving up their right to sue the company responsible for the plane that crashed. Although it was a bit sappy in a television drama sort of way, I liked that the doctors decided to forgo the huge payment in exchange for a trial that would bring pressure on the company to decrease the chance that someone else would have to suffer the same fate.

I’d previously noted my disappointment that Owen and Christina were talking over email while Christina chatted away all day via live chat with Meredith. I was so happy to see them talking on the phone again, particularly when Christina made small talk to stay on the phone a little longer. Unfortunately, by the episode’s end the two did not appear to be any closer to reconciling.

Speaking of reconciling . . . I’m really pulling for Callie and Arizona. It is so difficult to watch Arizona be so mean and nasty to Callie but I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to wake up and realize that your leg has been amputated against your wishes. I think the shower scene was a bit of a wake up call for Arizona and I’m hopeful that these two will get to a better place soon.

As much as I would love Christina to return to Seattle and reconcile with Owen, I like that the alternative is watching Christina bond with Mr. Feeny. I knew she’d eventually come around. Everyone loves George Feeny!

Overall, I thought it was a pretty good episode. The writers at Grey’s Anatomy do a pretty good job at substantively touching upon a large number of characters without the episode losing direction. What did you think of this week’s episode? Sound off below!