NBC Drops Dane Cook’s ‘Next Caller’

Next Caller - Season Pilot

The NBC Network has decided to drop the Dane Cook (My Best Friend’s Girl) comedy series Next Caller, TV Guide has confirmed. The mid-season freshman series was apparently lacking both the hit ingredients and was not moving in the direction NBC was looking for. The decision came after NBC ordered six episodes, putting a halt on production after viewing the four episodes produced.

‘Next Caller’ featured Dane Cook and actress Collette Wolfe (Fetching) as a pair of dueling radio show hosts that clash. Wolfe’s character Stella is described as a feminist while Cook, who played Cam, is similar to the likes of shock jock Howard Stern. The series also featured actor Trey Gerrald (Welcome to New York), Joy Osmanski (Good Job, Thanks!), Jeffrey Tambor (Arrested Development) and Chris Perfetti (Submissions Only).

Dane Cook has previously been seen in FX’s ‘Louie’ and ‘Hawaii Five-O’, with big screen productions that include ‘Detention’, ‘Guns, Girls and Gambling’, ‘Good Luck Chuck’, ‘Dan in Real Life’, and ‘Employee of the Month’. Cook previously appeared in a regular role from 2002-2007 in the TV series ‘Crank Yankers’.

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