Homefront (ITV1) Episode 4 Review

homefront cast 01

On this week’s Homefront, the focus is right back on Paula and Tasha’s struggles, as the inquest into Matt’s death gets underway and his family question the very reality in which they live.

We knew that things weren’t entirely clear among Matt’s colleagues and family, and this week we hear much more about the circumstances surrounding his death. Should he have been sent home? Paranoid and exhausted, we discover that Matt died saving a small boy from the line of fire, an act apparently symptomatic of his fragility. Every grisly detail is recounted in court, and the bad feeling between Paula and Tasha explodes once the former brings up the letter send home. With the brother unwilling to lie under oath, the truth is finally coming out to the people who want to hear it the least.

The result of all of this is a slice of human emotion from Paula and her husband, and Homefront finally hits a nerve when they point out how ordinary death and grief are to their lives. This is a largely untapped aspect of the series, with a group of people living in a bubble of war and devastation with little ordinary perspective to keep them sane. Paula finds herself visiting the local support group, branded extremist campaigners by most of the community, and slowly becoming one of the angry and disassociated. The inner struggle of being a victim or being a proud mother tears her apart and it’s a sad thing to watch.

Claire’s marriage is still on the rocks after her outburst last week, and she quits work in a desperate bid to make things work at home. Her renewed commitment, coupled with the emotion brought up by the inquest, means that they’re one couple going in the right direction. There are still miles between them emotionally, however, even if he can’t spell out what he’s doing at work all the time. Louise, on the other hand, has decided once and for all to ditch her husband and move on, picking up a guy at the bar for a spot of revenge sex. He leaves before things go further, but next week spells trouble for the character.

Homefront still isn’t really going anywhere, and I hope the last couple of weeks have something more to say about these people’s unique experiences. I’m glad Paula’s story was told this week after three episodes of emotional standstill, but am still hoping for more installments like this. What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments.