Grimm Season 2 “The Other Side” Review – Anyone Else Miss Monroe?

Happy Friday, Grimm fans! Tonight we got to see quite a few things from our favorite fairy tale meets cop drama. The case that Nick and Hank were attempting to solve was really the secondary plot point in “The Other Side”. The primary focus (and far more interesting) of the episode was the Renard and Juliette story, and how that’s been developing.

To get the case out of the way first – Nick and Hank are called to a murder scene where a high school boy has had his throat pretty much ripped out. Brandon was a member of a pretty competitive academic club, and winning would almost guarantee the victor a spot at an Ivy League school. Once another team member winds up dead, Nick and Hank realize that someone might be knocking out contestants to make certain that one particular student wins. When Nick discovers that the kid’s coach is actually a Wesen, he automatically assumes that it’s said coach… that is until he and Hank fiend Mr. Ankor dead in his apartment.

It turns out that quiet Pierce Higgins (also Wesen) is actually a genetically altered combination of completely shy and intelligent Wesen mixed with incredibly aggressive, competitive, violent Wesen. Pierce has his mother to thank for that nice little gene mixture, but what mommy didn’t know is that when Pierce morphed into the bad Wesen, he’d black out and go on killing sprees to get rid of any threat to himself. Needless to say, it doesn’t end well when Pierce is threatened in prison.

Like I said, the case took a back burner to the Renard story line this week on Grimm. In the episode last week, Juliette pictured the Captain while kissing Nick, and this week she gets to hitch a ride home with him after a gala that Nick had to leave to work a case.

When Renard drops Juliette at home, he sees her pick up her spare key from the most obvious place in the world (you would think that Nick being a homicide detective would find a place other than under a flower pot to hide a key) and once he’s sure she’s settled, he quietly lets himself into her home.

Thank goodness she’s in the shower, so doesn’t see the creeper checking out her bedroom, but we can immediately tell that something is not 100% about Renard. His weirdness is only solidified when he nearly runs down a pedestrian, and again when he shows up at the shop and asks Monroe for a cure for obsessive behavior. Monroe says that it really can’t be done without being able to consult the other party, but that if it left untreated, Renard’s condition could get pretty dicey. Gee, you think?

Also, those two scenes were the only time that Monroe showed up on Grimm this week, and I’m sort of ticked about it. He’s great for comic relief, and truthfully, the main reason why I watch the show. I’ll attempt to keep my cool, but judging by the previews for next week’s Halloween episode (La Llorona, anyone?) it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing much of Monroe then, either.

What did you think of Grimm tonight, guys? “The Other Side” was just sort of an “Eh” episode for me. Sort of blah, pretty dull, and no story except that Renard is going crazy and he’s part hexenbiest… so that was a neat little tidbit.

Tell me what you thought, and what you think will happen with Renard and Juliette. Until next Friday, Grimmsters!

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