Elementary Season 1 “Child Predator” Review

Does anyone else feel that Elementary is really starting to channel any of the Law and Order franchises? I mean, pick one, and you’ve got yourself an episode of Elementary. Maybe that’s not a fair statement since all procedural cop shows are essentially the same formula, but especially with this week’s “Child Predator”, I felt like I was watching an episode of Law and Order: SVU.

That said, “Child Predator” was… okay. I’m not one for using kids being kidnapped/killed as a way to entertain the masses for 42 minutes, but I understand that I’m probably a little uptight about that aspect of TV. So, “Child Predator”, even with its twist perpetrator, was hard for me to watch. Also, what was up with kidnapped kids parents? Did it seem fishy to anyone else that their kid goes missing and they call a press conference before calling the cops?

However, my favorite part of the episode did take place in the parent press conference scene when Sherlock spray painted the camera lens. That was freaking priceless, and if more people treated cameras that way, I’m pretty sure we’d have less paparazzi running around. But I digress. Elementary lacks a certain… finesse when it comes to the overall layout and formula of the show.

Sherlock is great, and his interaction with Watson is starting to grow on me, but I just feel that there isn’t any “ooomph” or substance to any character besides Sherlock. Watson is fun for the sarcastic sidekick, but other than that, she’s just sort of there… taking up space next to Sherlock.

So, I’m waiting for that moment when Elementary really pops out at me, but so far, it just hasn’t. “Child Predator” really didn’t move any of the character development along, and I’d really like to get more background on Watson and what brought her where she is today.

I’ll keep with Elementary, but hope that it picks up soon.