5 Things I Love About Monroe on Grimm

Monroe - Grimm

Fairy tales are big right now on TV and at the movies. And I will admit that I am on board with this resurgence and the direction it has gone. I find it fresh and interesting. I am in general a fan of the fantasy genre, so this is not really surprising.

One example of a fresh idea is Grimm. They are basically taking the Grimm tales – and there are many more than the standard ones we read to our children as I have discovered – and adapting the creatures from them, along with the basic stories related to the creatures, to do a semi-police procedural. Grimm has it all; mysteries, investigations, monsters, magical creatures, and really cool make up!

My favorite character on Grimm is Monroe, a friend to the main detective and title character, Nick, who is a Grimm. Monroe is someone who is able to help Nick understand the Wesen (the general name for the creatures on the show) world. Don’t get me wrong, I like Nick a lot too, and the other characters on the show, but Monroe is special!


Monroe - Grimm

For me, the top reason for loving Monroe so much is that he is funny. Since Grimm is a drama, he plays the part of the comic relief. Not only does he get the best lines, but their delivery by Silas Weir Mitchell is perfect. He is the snarky character on this show and he plays it to maximum advantage! As just one example of his snark, he said to Nick: “What am I, your personal Grimmopedia?”

I also credit Silas for providing the perfect reactions to any given situation. On a show like this, it is natural to expect lots of weird occurrences. Monroe provides an everyman reaction to events which helps us relate better to the show. Of course, he is not going to react to Wesen appearances, but we have other characters to take care of those reactions.

Mild Mannered

Monroe - Grimm

Monroe is a reformed Blutbad (think big bad wolf), meaning that he does not hunt or kill people, but rather lives a quiet life among us. He makes his living repairing clocks and wears comfy sweaters and flannel shirts. One could describe him as milquetoast. I also like to think of him as a reluctant hero, not normally prone to acts of heroism, but drawn in by circumstances.

He enjoys cooking, keeps a very neat, nicely decorate house, plays the cello and collect stamps and model trains. Monroe is a vegetarian, which is of course a very severe departure from other Blutbads. And yet, he is so mild mannered, that it makes his fierceness all the more mighty, I think.

And yet… Fierce

Monroe - Grimm

When necessary, Monroe can transform into a Blutbad. And, yikes, he can give you chills with his ferocity. He does not like to do it, and works hard to keep it under control, but once he changes, it is difficult for him to stay under control. We saw this when his former girlfriend Angelina came back into his life briefly.

Apparently Blutbad are feared by or at the very least respected by most other Wesen, so his fierceness can be an advantage while he is working with Nick. He certainly is not someone you want to get angry. However, unlike other Blutbad, once he comes out of his transformation, he is likely to apologize for scaring you.

Relationship with Rosalee

Monroe and Rosalee - Grimm

Monroe and Rosalee are both Wesen, but different types. While Monroe is a Wieder Blutbad, Rosalee is a Fuchsbau (think fox). Apparently cross Wesen species dating is acceptable, because they are involved in a relationship. Monroe also helps Rosalee with her “spice” shop, where she sells “ingredients” to Wesen clientele.

In my opinion, they are among the cutest couples on first run TV programs at the moment. Monroe is so sweet and bumbling, and Rosalee is very patient and understanding. The two of them are a perfect match, and their on-screen chemistry is certainly evident.

Loyal Friend

Monroe - Grimm

Monroe is nothing if not loyal. He will go to any lengths to help and protect his friends, including Nick, who by all rights should be his sworn enemy. Once Monroe overcame his fear of Nick, their friendship slowly blossomed.

In one episode, Monroe acted as a decoy for one of his friends, wearing his friend’s shirt and running through the woods to lead the police dogs from his home where the friend was hiding. This was a dangerous and selfless act that of course had repercussions, but it was for a friend!

Nick has shown his trust of Monroe on more than one occasion. He asked Monroe to guard his Aunt Marie when they pulled police protection from her hospital room. She was extremely hostile to him, since she was also a Grimm, making it was a difficult position for Monroe to be in, but as a loyal friend, he did it for Nick. Then in a later episode when Nick was hospitalized for injuries, Nick gave Monroe the keys to Aunt Marie’s trailer, which is where all the Grimm books and weapons are stored, and asked Monroe to retrieve the weapon needed to kill an ogre. Monroe then used the weapon and in the process saved Hank’s life!


Those are my reasons for loving Monroe. Do you watch Grimm? Do you have a favorite character? How do you feel about Monroe? Please let me know in the comment section below.