Law and Order: SVU Season 14 Review “Acceptable Loss” – Across the Universe

Cragen returned to work after his unfortunate incarceration in this week’s episode of Law and Order: SVU, “Acceptable Loss,” but it wasn’t that big of a deal, at least not as much as Olivia wanted to make it. Personally, I would much rather see Adam Baldwin stepping out of that office every week. No offense to Amaro, but I like my eye candy to be taller than me.

The story involved a sex trafficking ring that got itself mixed up in terrorism. SVU couldn’t shut down the traffickers and save the girls they were holding prisoner because a familiar face to the Law and Order universe stepped in and shut them down. Kathryn Erbe reprised her role as Alexandra Eames from L&O: Criminal Intent. Now a lieutenant, she left the major case squad in favor of homeland security, but also perhaps because she didn’t enjoy her old job as much after her partner left.

I didn’t watch much CI, but I saw enough to know that Eames and Vincent D’Onofio’s Detective Goren had a very similiar situation to SVU’s Benson and Stabler. Lots of sexual tension, but no moves were ever made, something that apparently both women regret. The end of the episode saw them bonding over a couple of drinks, no doubt thinking about the men who got away. Or who were married with fifteen kids.

The case itself was barely interesting. The terrorist that Eames was hunting down turned out to be hiding amongst the sex slaves; Eames had to use a few moves she picked up from Goren to coax the girl to explain that she wanted to make America pay for the death of her father, a doctor who was killed while rendering aid during an airstrike. As if we didn’t already know that war sucks.

It’s always fun to see Finn go undercover, though. It rarely works out for him, so I was surprised that he wasn’t made for a cop right away. In the end, both the traffickers and the terrorists were taken down and the women they exploited were set free. Everybody wins this time. Except the civilians being killed in the Middle East every day. But they don’t count…right?

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