Last Resort Season 1 Review “Voluntold”

Last Resort returned tonight with yet another great episode in “Voluntold”, and it started out with a bit of a misdirect. I’ve mentioned in previous reviews how this show is going to come up with an excuse to get the crew back in the submarine every episode, and this time we see that they’re still running drills! I was just as surprised as the malcontent crew members that they were still going through the motions like this, so it was no surprise that some crewmen wanted to sign up to get off the boat.

The crew of the Colorado has been on the island for a week, and a bunch of people are starting to get restless. These ill feelings come to a head when somebody tried to kill the captain, saying he got the order from a higher authority. We soon find out that this higher authority was the Secretary of Defense himself, and I’m sure he’ll come into play in a big way in upcoming episodes.

This episode focused a lot more on Brannan and Cortez then I thought it would. I thought at first that these were one-off characters who would get captured and rescued, but they’re really getting developed pretty nicely. Sam interviews the two of them about their captivity, and they didn’t say much at all. Brannan didn’t say anything about getting Redman killed, and Cortez didn’t say anything about whatever she did with Julian to persuade him. Sam did approach her to try to convince the female enlisted to stay, so it’s good to see his trust in her.

Speaking of Sam, he and Sophie still have their weird little flirtation going on. It looks at this point like Sam doesn’t feel the same way as Sophie does about him, so I’d be interested to see where this goes since both of them are spoken for.

Meanwhile, back on the mainland, Christine Kendall is stuck in her house feeling sad about Sam. Paul, Sam’s lawyer friend from college that we met in episode two, comes to her house to try to get himself closer to her, but instead she goes outside and leads an anti-government rant to all of the news cameras in her front yard! Jessy Schram hasn’t had much to do this season, so it was good to see her get to go nuts on a surveillance van!

Elsewhere in D.C., Kylie found out that her dad was partially responsible for giving away the plans for the Perseus, saying he was told to by the president. She then meets with Admiral Shepard, and tells him that the Perseus has an automatic back-up feature that transmits positioning data of the Colorado whenever it’s used. This means that the location of the submarine was transmitted prior to the weapon being fired, and apparently the government does not want that information getting out. Kylie isn’t a necessarily likable character thus far in this series, so I’m hoping that her likely meet-up with Christine will help both of those characters get fleshed out a little bit.

All of the Brannan/Cortez and mutinous drama came to a head when Brannan barged into the con with a grenade and tried to take over the boat. This scene was absolutely riveting, and both Andre Braugher and Will Rothhaar (Brannan) were wonderful here. Hearing about why they both got into the Navy, and how their motives have changed, was great.

James had another interesting episode this week, as he spent the whole episode feebly attempting to help his marine buddies. I’d forgotten about Gil being in the freezer and his buddy Dodds being in the hospital, and his story this week was all about trying to do right by his friends. First he confronts Julian about stealing the morphine that Dodds needs, and then he has a bar fight with his other Marine pals over whether or not they get to take Gil’s body. I loved this fight scene, but mostly just because of the music. It wasn’t the exciting, pulse-pounding music you usually hear on TV when people are punching each other’s lights out. It was a sad, melancholy tune playing over a broken, conflicted man getting bloodied by his friends. James is really turning into a tragic figure on this show, and it’s been wonderful to watch. I’m still not really buying his romance with Tani, but that’s more the fault of Tani being a bit boring.

With this show still struggling a bit in the ratings, I’m really hoping we get the good news of a full season order soon! Cross your fingers, Last Resort fans!

Random Thoughts:

– One of the things that makes this show a little difficult to follow is the sheer number of people on the cast.

– I had no idea you could put the pin back into a grenade! Why can’t you do that in the video games?!

– I wonder how long the cast had to practice that whole “sliding down the stairs” move?