Last Resort Interview: Robert Patrick Discusses Andre Braugher, Patriotism

Last Resort (ABC) Blue on Blue Episode 2 (7)

Robert Patrick infuses grit and military spirit in Master Chief Joseph Prosser on Last Resort. TV Equals was able to talk to Patrick via conference call about his role, what’s in store for Prosser, and how Last Resort might have a bigger role in exploring the currently confused state of American society.

How Patrick became Prosser

Patrick loved the character Prosser when he read the script. It also helped that Patrick was already close with Last Resort creator Shawn Ryan. “I said, ‘Congratulations. What a fantastic script,’  and [Ryan] responded with, ‘What did you think of Prosser?’ and I said, ‘It’s a fantastic role. His whole world [has been] turned out upside down–his best friend and captain that he’s served with has committed an act of treason…and how does he deal with that, what’s going to be next for this guy?'”

Another thing that helps is Patrick’s tough-as-nails look. “As far as all the military roles, I don’t know,” he said when it comes to the plethora of military roles he has played. “It’s something with the way I look, genetics, the fact that I’m a Scots-Irish American and most of the armed forces are filled with the Scots-Irish. We’re known as fighters and I think something very defiant has been ingrained in my genealogy and it manifests itself in my craft a little bit.”

Patrick’s relationship with Andre Braugher

‘I love Andre. I love the guy,” said Patrick when talking about his relationship with his co-star.  “I had never met him. My wife–I trust her faith and her instincts– she has been a  huge Andre Braugher fan…It was really talking with my wife and talking about Andre, and never having met him, I decided to jump on board and I’m so glad I did because he’s an incredible actor and even more so he’s a fantastic human being. It comes across on screen and I think that’s why he’s so likeable. He’s lived up to every expectation I had and I look forward to more things to do with him.”

Patrick talked about how they have been building their relationship. “We’ve been hanging socially–we live in the same town down there in Hawaii and we’ll go grab a bite to eat or go watch college football together and talk about our roles and the show and where we see it, what we think is going to happen, and I think we’re creating quite a bond, which sets us all up to be a little more devastated if their friendship  is going to be destroyed by this,” he said.

How Prosser reacts to Chaplin’s declaration of treason

According to Patrick, Prosser is processing Chaplin’s decision along with the audience. “All the characters are…Things are starting to settle down and time heals and we’re all sit and wondering what happens next,” he said.  “And I think in the next episode you’re going to see, Chaplin is basically letting people know, ‘If you want to go or want to stay there’s a list.’ And I confront some guys and say ‘I realize you’ve lost faith in your captain and  you may have lost faith in him, but you damn well will not lose faith in me. You will do what I say.'”

Last Resort‘s place in American society

With both Last Resort and Homeland on television at the same time, one might wonder if there’s some sort of commentary that can be made on current American society. Patrick agrees. “I think it’s all out there in the ether and we’re all picking up on this. I think we’re all aware that we’re headed towards something ad we’re not quite sure where we’re going, so we’re all trying to find out what our own values are and what’s important to us and how we fit within the political schematics of what’s going down,” he said. “…That’s why with Prosser on Last Resort, he’s a man who’s fully committed himself to an ideal and a way of life and a guy that he’s respected has all of a sudden wavered and hesitated and he doesn’t want to stop and slow down and think  and get into that mindset. He wants to keep doing what he’s doing. He’s not willing to make this change. He wasn’t looking for [a change], he’s not asking for it.”

Patrick also talked about America as a whole. “I don’t want to get to political but I do just want to say I love America…I love what we do,” he said. “I don’t like anybody that has anything bad to say about this country because I have been…all over the world and it is the greatest place and a lot of people have died to protect our freedoms. That’s who we’re portraying in this show and their commitment and if you’re not happy with America  there’s a door–you can leave. Or you can stay here and continue to try to make it better.”

Last Resort airs Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.