CSI Season 13 Review “Wild Flowers” – Rave On

I’m not sure if the CSI writers are old or I am, but do people still go to raves? This week’s episode, “Wild Flowers,” started with the murder of a young, abused girl at a wild desert party that looked just like the one they filmed in 2000, except with smart phones. So, again, I’m not sure who’s behind here, but if raves are still a thing, shouldn’t they start to make their way out?

Morgan in particular had a tough time dealing with the murder, especially when the dead girl’s sister was found, still alive, but with her tongue cut out. I thought it was going to be Sara getting too emotionally involved, but Morgan connected with the silent victim and even shared a surprising confession with her in a bid to get her to open up about her abuser.

Apparently, Morgan considers Hodges to be her best friend. He’s grown on her that much. Not to mention the fact that their parents are dating is a source of annoyance for her, implying that she’d like to be dating Hodges. It’s not like they haven’t been building up to this, but to hear her say it so plainly was a surprise, especially given how long it took the writers to give us anything solid or definitive when it came to Grissom and Sara.

Speaking of, we might have found out the date for their off-camera wedding, October 17th. (CSI has always tried to match up airdates with the show’s timeline.) The episode started with Sara leaving her Gilbert an anniversary love message. He’s been harder to reach than usual; is their arrangement starting to wear on her? I just hope and pray that them showing both Sara and DB talking to their absent spouses at the same time is just correlation and not foreshadowing. I can’t speak for DB with any certainty (because of whatever happened with Finn in the past), but cheating just isn’t in Sara’s character. She’s been cheated on in the show before; not only would she never betray Grissom, but she’d never be someone else’s other woman.

Other than the brief glimpses into personal lives, the episode was quite depressing. Sadistic father fakes his daughters’ kidnapping, blames it on the mother who he then kills so that he can torture and rape his girls until the day they run away and he has to chase them down. Fun, right? No wonder it started with a rave; those were the only upbeat moments in the whole hour. Even Nick was especially cranky during his two minutes of screen time.

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