Watch The Haunting New York Comic Con 666 Park Avenue Highlight Reel [Video]

Fall 2012: 666 Park Avenue Premiere (3)

The 666 Park Avenue cast was out in full force to promote their series at the New York Comic Con this past weekend. Vanessa Williams (Desperate Housewives), Terry O’Quinn (Lost), Dave Annable (Brothers and Sisters) and Rachael Taylor (Charlie’s Angels) were just a few of the stars that were on hand for the panel.

If you couldn’t make it to the New York Comic Con, don’t fret, the 666 Park Avenue team has released the exclusive sizzle reel that was shown at the convention online. The trailer includes three minutes worth of spooky highlights from the series, including the memorably horrifying elevator scene from the pilot. If you haven’t checked out the series yet, watch the video below and see if O’Quinn and Williams’ devilish performances can entice you to give it a shot.

666 Park Avenue airs Sundays at 10/9c on ABC.