Thank You For Arrow, Now Where is Wonder Woman?

Thank You For Arrow Now Where is Wonder Woman

When it comes to superheroes, they certainly aren’t few and far between. On the contrary, it could be safe to say that the industry is oversaturated, which may undoubtedly be a good thing for television studios and production companies. Just ask The CW. Last week, their most recent superhero property — Arrow — debuted to the tune of a nifty four million viewers. Now there are rumors of the network bringing a familiar face back to the airwaves, a bodacious super heroine just as admired as Batman but just as damned as Aquaman — Wonder Woman.

Ah, how I’ve often wondered just why the Amazing Amazon hasn’t gotten her due. I mean, don’t get me wrong — I know all about the iconic seventies series with the beautiful Lynda Carter, but the keyword in this sentence is seventies. That was over 30 years ago. For me, that’s a problem. Ever since her debut in 1941, Wonder Woman’s been frequently ranked as a part of the DC Comics trinity along with Superman and Batman. Yet both The Man of Steel and The Dark Knight have had more movies and notable television adaptations than their female counterpart including the Emmy winning Batman: The Animated Series, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, and Smallville to name a few. With lesser known comic book characters like the Green Arrow getting his own show, I’d like to know why the hell Wonder Woman hasn’t received a similar modern treatment.

Seriously. What’s the hold up? With the risk of sounding stereotypical, I know that some ladies take a bit longer to get ready than men, but I have a feeling that Wonder Woman is ready for her damn close up. I think we’ve all heard of Joss Whedon’s failed attempt at producing a Wonder Woman movie. It definitely wasn’t his fault that it didn’t come to fruition. You can blame that on the Warner Brother executives. Just last year, it seemed they were willing to get back into the game with an hour-long drama on NBC starring the capable Adrianne Palicki. The pilot indicated effort if not potential, but ultimately NBC passed and a little bit of me died. Tragic, I know.

You hear that sound? Trust me, that ain’t The Flash whizzing by. It’s a collective sigh of frustration from Wonder Woman enthusiasts eager to see her on their flat screens. So, what’s the problem?

Well, it certainly can’t be that the world isn’t ready for ass-kicking women on television. Heck, avid TV watchers have been treated to the amazing Sydney Bristow on ABC’s Alias, a determined Brenda Leigh Johnson on TNT’s The Closer, and the clever Nikita Mears on The CW’s Nikita. While there have been some movies featuring superwomen that haven’t done particularly well — such as 2005’s Elektra — I think Wonder Woman could work rather well on television. It has before in the past.and maybe The CW is the right fit.

Amazon is the working title for the possible series that the network is developing and it would center on the origin of the character a la Smallville. I’d recommend Katie Cassidy for the role, but she’s too busy playing Arrow’s love interest Dinah Laurel Lance, whom most comic book aficionados may recognize as the alluring Black Canary. If it’s on The CW then you can bet your magic lasso that it’s going to be a super attractive actress in the lead role. That seems to be a virtual prerequisite for any CW program. Nevertheless, if they got it right with Arrow then I’m sure they can get it correct with this hot property.

In fact, I have complete faith in them. Warner Brothers own the rights to the character, and since The CW is a WB property then perchance they’re the ones up to the task of bringing her to television. She certainly deserves it. After all, any superhero can bounce bullets off their chest, but it takes a real one to be able to deflect bullets with bracelets.

I’m just sayin’.