Survivor Season 25 Review “Got My Swag Back”

It’s starting to sound redundant now, but tonight’s episode of Survivor started out by showing the ever-shrinking Matsing tribe return from tribal council. Or should I just start saying “Malcolm and Denise”? It’s almost faster to just type out the names of everybody on the tribe than to just type “Matsing tribe”!

Anyway, “Got My Swag Back” gets right to the action pretty quickly. Malcolm and Denise found an idol pretty early back at their camp, but then we got right into the season’s first reward challenge! Before we get to the actual game, though, we see what’s going to happen to Malcolm and Denise. Matsing is no more, as the tribe is disbanded and Malcolm is sent to Tandang and Denise is sent to Kalabaw!

It was pretty jarring to already get to a challenge only eight minutes into the episode, but at least it was a good one! One-on-one team challenges are always interesting, and this was no different. It’s an interesting dynamic to see such a sharp focus on only two people at once. Dawson has been flying under the radar for most of the game, but how about that hair pull? You didn’t mean to do it? Really? That’s what you’re going with?

Well Tandang ended up winning the muffins and cookies, and Malcolm gets to have sugar for the first time in a couple weeks! Malcolm is quickly courted by Pete and RC to join both of their groups, but something tells me he’ll respond better to RC. If his ill-advised partnership with Angie is any indication, he’s got a thing for the buxom young ladies. Malcolm is actually let in on the secret by Pete that he and Abi found an idol, so I’m interested to see how that works with Malcolm and Denise having their own idol. By the way, who gets to keep the idol that they found? Was that ever discussed?

Meanwhile over on Kalabaw, the rarely televised Dana got very sick. People get sick all the time in this game, but in a rare occurrence she was actually told by the Survivor medics that she could stay, but chose not to. I don’t remember another time on Survivor when somebody was told by the medics that they could medically stay, but then they choose not to.

So Dana was sent home, but that wasn’t the end of the bad news for Kalabaw, as they then lost the immunity challenge by about one second. It was a great challenge, and a great finish, and you can’t help but feel bad for Denise. She is an absolute work horse and seems like such a nice lady, so I’m just hoping she can get a win under her belt soon.

That wasn’t the end of the drama for Kalabaw, though, as Dawson continues to run her mouth back at camp. I was a little bit amused by her anti-baseball rant, and I loved seeing Jeff trying to keep his mouth shut, but she did not know when to shut up. When Jeff asks you why your tribe should keep you, and the first and only reason you give is because you “keep the spirit up at camp”, that is not a good sign. They don’t need your moral support, lady. And you’re so shocked that you were voted out?! At least you got a hug and a kiss from Jeff! I’m straight and all, but even I’d have a hard time saying no to that!

Random Thoughts:

– Skupin’s fancy move at the reward challenges was one of the coolest things I’ve seen somebody do in a challenge! Even Penner couldn’t help but chuckle.

– Did Jonathan’s medical advice creep anybody else out? “You need to get out of those wet clothes! Take all of your clothes off and get under that blanket!” “Here, lay down in my lap!” All right, dude, pump the brakes!

– When did they get a new Survivor medic?! What happened to that Australian girl?