Supernatural Season 8 Review “Heartache” – Welcome Back to Season One, Kiddies!

Supernatural season 8 episode 3 Heartache

Jensen Ackles once again took to the director’s chair for this episode of Supernatural, called “Heartache.” In it the boys hunted down an ancient foe, Jensen’s dad made a guest appearance and things between Sam and Dean felt very familiar.

Normally I’d be mad for getting fooled into thinking we were getting a whole lot more of that scene with Sam and Amelia, but this episode was so darn good, I really didn’t care.

In so many ways I feel like this episode rewound us back to season one, which I’m not saying is a bad thing at all. First up, we’ve got ourselves a Dean who loves hunting and wants his brother with him. Then we’ve got ourselves a Sam who just wants to live a normal life and maybe even go back to school.

But I think, if anything, this current scenario is even better than what we had in the beginning of this series. Now, Sam and Dean have a lot more years under their belt and I think both of their decisions come from a place of maturity. Back in season one, it felt more like Sam wanted a normal life just so he could rebel against his upbringing, and Dean wanted to hunt because he was just a young guy wanting to follow in the footsteps of his old man.

With all of the experiences they’ve had after so many years now, I feel like when Dean says he wants to hunt and Sam says he want a real life – they really mean it. Even though we only got a tiny scene showing Sam’s life during the year Dean was in Purgatory, I do feel like I’m slowly beginning to understand where he’s coming from and why he’s talking about quitting. I’m not saying that I want him to of course, but I’m starting to get it. I just hope that Dean can turn him around and remind him that hunting is in BOTH their blood.

My favorite bits..

“Jogger in Minneapolis gets his heart ripped out.”
“I’m guessing literally.”
“Only way that interests me.”

I don’t know, I think the boys hunting a heart-sucking, possessed, Satanic crack-whore bat would be super interesting.

Dean suddenly realizing that Sam had dragged him to a farmer’s market.

“Do we ignore stuff like this or are innocent people supposed to die so you can shop for produce?”

Jensen’s dad = Awesome.

Haha! Second Thor reference in as many episodes.

“Forgive me if I didn’t take him out back and shoot him.” – LOL! Love that Jensen’s dad is playing a character that gives Dean some lip.

The look on Dean’s face as Paul downed that green slimy drink.

“And he wasn’t wearing a heart?”
“No. Heartless.” – So many puns, so little time.

“It’s too bad I dropped out of Lunatic 101.” – You sure about that, Dean? Cuz sometimes it must feel like you aced that class.

Oh no, not the eye…..please not the…..ouch.

The boys in their white dress shirts. That is all.

“Personally I prefer the Keith Richards version.”

Dean bought an app? Wow, he’s right – things really did go to hell in a handbasket while he was in Purgatory.

Sammy jumping back into research mode. Aw, feels just like old times.

“You want to guess who else, besides Arthur Swenson, had a transplant in the last year?”
“Paul Hayes.”
“I gave it away, didn’t I?”

“What are you thinking about? Organic tomatoes?”

“I know where I’m at my best, and that is right here, driving down Crazy Street next to you.” – Awwww!

And then Sammy ruined the moment by saying that maybe Dean would be better off on his own. *sad face*

No, no….please don’t eat the…ick.

Suddenly having serious flashbacks to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

“C’mon, don’t tell me that someone else had their heart ripped out here in Boulder.”
“All right, then I won’t tell you.” – Actual LOL.

The cowboy hotel room. Hilarious.

The whole sequence where the boys were reading all the letters. Loved the way that was shot. Nicely done, Mr. Ackles.

“Really? Our King Daddy Monster is a stripper?”

“Smell that?”
“You’re gross.” – Took me a minute but when I got it, I had to agree with Sam. Ew, Dean. Just.ew.

Crazy Monster lady telling Dean that she could show him his own beating heart before he died. Eek!

Sam explaining that when he took a year off, he got to have the thing he’d never had before: a normal life.

“You’ve never seen a birthday cake before?” – My heart broke when I realized that there was a good chance he never actually had.

What did you think of this episode of Supernatural? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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