Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Review “Small World” – In Too Deep?

Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Episode 6 Small World

It’s a ‘Small World’ for the Sons of Anarchy this week, quite literally, since they tracked down the guard who arranged Opie’s murder and killed him with a snow globe. Carla returned to exact revenge, apparently by watching Gemma and Nero get it on, but things didn’t go her way and so she shot herself in the head. And we finally found out who’s been committing the home invasions.

This episode was all over the place. There was some great stuff in there — Roosevelt vowing the bring the Sons down, the reveal at the end of the episode (though it seems quite a few viewers had already worked that twist out), Unser telling Gemma that she uses people — but it was muted somewhat by the not-so-good stuff.

For example, the wives. I assumed that since Rita Roosevelt was shown to be pregnant in the same episode as she was shot, it was going to be the baby who died, while she recovered to be awesome another day. Instead they’re both dead, and Roosevelt, while badass, is still the cliched mourning husband/father that we’ve all seen so many times before. Then there was the prison guard’s wife, who was utterly an utterly pointless caricature. What was the intention there? To tell us that sometimes Tig’s ‘collateral damage’ is justified?

And what the hell was that whole business with Carla? (Sidenote: I’m surprised this episode’s title wasn’t a pun on giving head.) I get that she was pissed with Gemma, but rather than just trying to humiliate and/or harm her, it turned into some weird incesty thing with Nero. What and why, writers? What exactly did that bring to the show, other than a bit of not-so-shocking shock factor?

The main two things this week were Jax making a new deal with Pope, and the reveal at the end.

The deal was interesting, though perhaps not in a good way. It’s ironic really that Pope tells Jax about how greed protects him, after Jax makes a deal that is pretty greedy in itself. Muling more drugs means more money for the club, but given that Jax eventually wants to take the club away from drugs, how is getting deeper into it helpful?

Meanwhile, the reveal was awesome. Some viewers had already worked it out judging by comments online — kudos to them, I mustn’t have been paying close enough attention! — but I thought it was a great twist. Clay has already done so much wrong, and yet him being an actual fully fledged antagonist to the club was still surprising. It also raises a good question: what happens when his involvement in Rita’s death is revealed? Will it be the Sons who exact revenge, Roosevelt, or will those two sides have aligned by then? Only time will tell.

Overall, a good episode, give or take some scenes. It wasn’t to my tastes and I’m not sure about the direction a few of the plots have taken, but I’ll be interested in seeing what others thought of it.

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