Hart of Dixie Season 2 Review “If It Makes You Happy” – Fun with Leprosy

I think with this week’s episode of Hart of Dixie, “If It Makes You Happy,” Zoe and Wade might have stumbled across the best place their relationship has ever been in since the moment they met, and I’m including their bedroom escapades in that statement. Wade is like Zoe’s hot, shirtless conscience; he’s never been afraid to tell her exactly what she’s doing wrong, but he never tells her how to fix it. He’s not George Tucker.

Not that I have anything against George. I really don’t. True, I think it was too soon for him to start dating strangers (even Broadway star Laura Bell Bundy), but he’s not being a jerk about it. He’s just trying to get on with his life. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to forget about fifteen years of his life. It’s not easy for anyone who was involved in the almost-marriage, including Brick Breeland who lost a son-in-law he’d come to love as a son.

But it’s been particularly hard on Lemon. I was no great fan of hers in the past, but I never actually hated her. Credit that to actress Jaime King, who made Lemon a completely sympathetic and ultimately likeable bitch. I feel like Lemon is speaking for all thirty-something women who are still in the process of figuring life out. She will be a fantastic campaign manager for Lavon, and she’ll hopefully knock Ruby down more than a few pegs, but will working in such close proximity to her former paramour relight the fire? I kind of hope that it will. Their story doesn’t feel finished yet.

During all of this Zoe was finally figuring out that the life she has now (small-town GP) is never going to be as exciting as the life she left behind in New York (cardiothoracic surgeon at a major hospital), but it can be just as important. I thought she had left her diagnosing-dread-diseases-that-turn-out-to-be-innocuous-afflictions days behind her, but after nearly quarantining the whole town for leprosy, she realized she’d jumped to conclusions in order to impress a reporter from her med school alumni magazine who wasn’t impressed by anything, and who was probably operating under the same assumption she did in the beginning, that there couldn’t be anything medically interesting in Bluebell.

Fortunately, Zoe’s grown up a bit, enough so that she was able to swallow her pride long enough to show Wade that not only can she let down her hair and have fun playing video games, she can also acknowledge that she’s attracted to him. I realize he’s cocky and jerky and frustrating, but denying that he’s hot is just silly.

I was also very proud of Lavon in this episode. At first, he wasn’t able to articulate why he wanted to be mayor, but after mediating between George and Brick, Lavon realized that his true gift in life (and the thing that makes him happy) is helping other people figure out their problems. That’s what a mayor does and he’s very good at it, whereas Ruby just wants to be mayor to punish him for how he acted as a kid, and to one-up Lemon. Not exactly admirable reasons. I thought I was going to like Ruby, but I’m not so sure anymore.

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