Raising Hope Season 3 Review “Throw Maw Maw from the House – Part Two”

After last week’s cliffhanger ending, Raising Hope returned this week with another solid episode in “Throw Maw Maw from the House – Part Two”. If you missed out on part one, well you’re in luck! Maw Maw catches us up in a funny little opening scene as she quickly sums up the previous episode and details how she was sent to the nursing home.

With Maw Maw being taken from them against their will, the Chances decide to take matters into their own hands and bust Maw Maw out! The planning for this caper resulted in a great line, when Burt reassured Sabrina why they chose the nutcracker to represent her in the planning of the heist. “It has nothing to do with that creepy vacant stare you do. We just chose that because you’re always breaking Jimmy’s balls”. Followed by “There’s the stare!” from Jimmy. Burt has always been the funniest character on this show to me, but Jimmy works great as a sidekick to all of Burt’s goofiness. Another favorite moment of mine was when Burt hilariously misused the phrase “Measure once, cut twice” and was reassured with an agreeing nod from Jimmy.

Well, the Chances actually do end up trying to bust Maw Maw out, but not without Virginia learning a little lesson first! Yes, another one of my pet peeves reared it’s ugly head tonight, as somebody on the Chance family had to learn a valuable lesson before the episode was over. It’s always bugged me how they seemed to do this in every episode last season, but it happens again tonight when Virginia decides she thinks leaving Maw Maw at the home is a good idea.

I said in my review for last week’s installment that it’s really quite difficult to disagree with the social worker that Maw Maw might be better suited in a home, as they can produce the kind of professional care that the Chances can not. I was glad that Virginia was able to come to this realization, but it was quickly undercut when Maw Maw became too much for the nursing home staff to handle. It was great to see that Virginia didn’t really need to learn any lesson or come to any epiphanies, instead she got the validation that she really is treating her grandmother the best she can.

While I did enjoy this two parter, I’m glad that Maw Maw’s line about part three was a joke. I’m excited to get back to the one-off episodes next week, and I’m interested to hear more about Jimmy and Sabrina’s engagement!

Random Thoughts:

– I got a kick out of the old guy thinking Burt was him from the past considering Garrett Dillahunt was recently in Looper, where that’s exactly what the plot is all about.

– I loved to see Dancing Dan make a reappearance, as well as the “I’m with stupid” T-shirt. I’ve always loved seeing the recurring minor Natesville characters and inside jokes.

– How much you wanna bet somebody is going to get upset over Maw Maw shoving that cat off the chair in the hostage scene?