Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Review “Popilikia” – Is Doris Hiding Something?

Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Episode 4 Popilikia

In this episode of Hawaii Five-0, called “Popilikia” (which is Hawaiian for “Misfortune”), Steve’s mom comes back into his life and the team hunts the killer who created a headless horseman.

When I heard that Doris McGarrett would be back, I was pretty excited as I did enjoy seeing her and Steve interact earlier this season. Her first scene in this episode was played mostly for comedy and Christine Lahti definitely did a great job at playing the wise-cracking mom. But I have to admit that after she did that a few times, I started to wonder if Momma McGarrett was only brought back to play a snarky mom to a newly whiney Steve. I soon discovered that I wanted more badass mom, with not quite as much sitcom mom.

Luckily, it turns out Doris was playing everyone, including us in the audience. When I saw her pulling out the microfilm, I realized that there was someone I like better than sitcom mom and badass mom: spy mom. Like Steve, I too didn’t believe her story about her shots being wild and now that she’s got this film, I have to wonder what’s up her sleeve next.

As for the rest of the episode, it was a pretty standard case, though I did get a giggle out of the Headless Horseman references so close to Halloween. As per usual, my only complaint would have to be the fact that Steve was once again the hero to Danny’s nearly bumbling idiot routine. Think about it, Steve jumped out of the window while Danny joked about how it wasn’t a good idea; then Steve jumped off the bridge while again Danny joked. Heck, even when they hit the polo field to catch a suspect, it was Steve who dove in front of the horse to tackle the guy. I’m just wondering if we’ll ever see them a little better matched or if Danny is forever destined to play a silly sidekick. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some kickass Steve, let’s just have a little kickass Danny every once in a while, too.

My favorite bits..

As a longtime equestrian, trying to ignore the lack of helmet while the guy was riding was pretty hard. Then again, considering what happened to him it’s not like a helmet would’ve helped much either. Ouch.

Okay I know a lot of you got after me for not commenting on it last week so let me say this loud and clear. SHIRTLESS MCGARRETT. Yowza, yowza, yowza.

“Don’t be a caveman, I’m coming with you.”

“Stop playing with your gun and come have breakfast.”

Most awkward kitchen discussion ever.

The almost whiney way that Steve said “Mom!” when Momma McGarrett suggested that she wanted to stay.

“It’s very strange. Though she’s a McGarrett after all.”

Not sure if Danny was joking or not when he said he liked polo. If he does, I’ve just found yet one more reason to lust after him.

“Seriously. I mean a headless horseman? C’mon.”

Whoa. That garroting wire is scary stuff.

Madam Esmerelda predicting that Danny and Kono’s relationship would yield many children. Ha! I wonder what she would’ve said if Danny and Steve had walked in together.

Doris seeing right through Chin’s plan and his coco puffs.

Was anyone else disappointed to find out that the “coco puffs” had nothing to do with a chocolate cereal?

Kinda loving the fact that Danny is a believer in psychics. Not that I necessarily am, but I never would’ve pegged him for being at all spiritual.

“You do believe in psychics, but you don’t believe in ghosts?” – She’s got a point there.

Ahhh! It’s Anson!! Someone call Michael Westen before he…..oh, wait. Wrong show.

“What’s your long-term plan? You gonna drag me to work with you every day?”
“She’s got a point.”

Steve trading food from Kamekona’s truck for research into a possible bomb trigger from Catherine. Sounds like a fair trade to me.

“No, no. I don’t..”
(Steve jumps out of the window)
….think that that is a good idea. Why do I bother?”

Steve accusing Danny of being a girl for not watching him give himself a tetanus shot.

The close-up of Steve giving himself a shot. Whoa. Why oh why didn’t Danny jump in the water, too? Just sayin.’

Yay! Another “book’em Danno.”

Sneaky, sneaky momma McGarrett. Wonder what the film is of?

“She was having an affair with the headless horseman?” – That’s would be an interesting relationship.

Doris explaining why her gun was fired into the floor when Wo Fat escaped. I’m with Steve. I don’t believe her either.

What did you think of this episode of Hawaii Five-0? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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