Gossip Girl Season 6 Review “High Infidelity” – High School Never Ends

As much as our favorite Upper East-Siders would like to believe that they are all grown up, the reality is that they still have a high-school mentality that keeps getting them in trouble. This week’s episode of Gossip Girl, “High Infidelity,” proves this beyond a shadow of a doubt. They can’t stop themselves from scheming or jumping to conclusions, and they definitely can’t be the bigger person and not seek to hurt each other by publishing private details of each other’s lives. I’m looking at you, Dan.

After he and Georgina were turned down by all the desirable publishing houses, understandably as “Insider 2: Dan Stomps His Feet and Whines” is just an invitation for libel and slander lawsuits, he decided to take Nate up on his offer to publish the tell-all in the Spectator. I absolutely loved the scene between him and the re-invented Nelly Yuki, when she told him what I’ve been screaming at my TV for months, that he Gatsby-ed all over these people and then found himself shocked that they didn’t embrace him and love him and tell him what an awesome writer he was. She smacked him down, but instead of listening to her real message which was to get a freaking life already, he interpreted it as his excuse to go after the people he felt had hurt him the most, ie: Blair and Chuck and Serena and now his father, who he feels has strayed from the path of Brooklyn righteousness by sleeping with Ivy.

Shut up, Dan.

Ugh, tired of talking about him. Let’s move on. Serena and Nate are both dating new people, both of whom had secrets. Of course, Nate and Serena immediately figured that the secret was that their lovers were secretly dating each other on the side. Nate even dumped his skinny little honey via voicemail. As it turned out, though, Serena’s man is Nate’s girl’s father…and Nate’s girl is seventeen.

Okay, I’m pretty sure eighteen is the age of consent, unless NYC has decided they’re exempt from federal laws, but she assured Nate that he hadn’t been committing statutory rape that very morning. He only put up a half-hearted protest, I guess because she’s too skinny to resist, but the girl also has a serious bitch streak. She doesn’t like Serena and she doesn’t like Serena dating her dad. Interesting tid bit…according to Nate’s Lolita, no one in high school reads Gossip Girl anymore. Has the queen been dethroned?

Blair fell back into her old habits of scheming and plotting when she felt threatened by Poppy and Nelly on the eve of the launch of her new line under her mother’s label. She is obsessed with succeeding, not only for herself and the Waldorf name, but so that she can be with Chuck as soon as possible. Unfortuantely, she only came to the realization that she will need to work her butt off (or the people she hires will have to work their butts off) if she wants to be the best. High school schemes just won’t cut it anymore.

On the other end of the spectrum, Chuck is plotting, too, but his plans are all about taking down Bart. Every move he makes, Bart sees him coming and cuts him off. Chuck might have something, though, as Bart’s fling from Dubai gave Chuck a picture of Bart and a mystery man before she fled town. What could Bart be hiding and will Chuck figure it out? When he does, he and Blair can be together. In the meantime, it was great to see him drop everything and run to her side when he thought she needed him. It was just too bad that Bart set that up, knowing his son’s feelings for her. If his father knows he’s still in love with Blair, what is the point of not being with her out in the open?

I feel this is yet another excuse to keep them apart, as if that somehow makes the show more interesting. IMHO, it really, really doesn’t.

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