Face Off Season 3 “Junkyard Cyborg” Review

Face Off Season 3 Episode 9 Junkyard Cyborg (3)

It’s down to the final five on episode 9 of Face Off, and this time the contestants have to create their own cyborg. I’m a fan of science fiction more than the next person, and even as the remaining five gathered in a junk yard and were given their spotlight challenge by McKenzie, I was having a difficult time picturing even a remote idea that the artists would create.

That’s why I review Face Off and leave the actual creation to the professionals.

The contestants were given a half hour to scour a junk yard and grab whatever pieces struck their fancy. Said pieces would then be incorporated into their cyborgs back at the lab. Right away Roy grabs some larger pieces and starts talking about fabricating a spine piece, arms, etc. The guy was just in his element and knew exactly what he wanted to do.

His zombie cyborg turned out pretty cool – the make up was great, and the huge shoulder piece that he made was just damn impressive. During the judging, Glenn did caution Roy to tone down the large fabrications. While he did admit that he does a good job with the larger pieces, sometimes Roy bites off more than he can chew with the fabrications. Ve agreed, but did say that Roy’s makeup was impressive.

Laura struggles with her concept, especially after Glenn’s visit to the work room. She attempts to combine two different ideas – one being a soldier that needed the robotic pieces to fight in a war and the other was an upper class guy that used the junkyard pieces the same way that tattoos are used today.

Derek’s creation earned some massive praise from the judges. Truthfully, I wasn’t overly impressed when his was compared to the other artist’s creations. I understand that Derek’s piece was streamlined and that each element really had a purpose, but it just lacked a “wow” factor for me. Maybe I needed to see it up close, but yeah, the lights were cool, the chest piece was okay (a little too Iron Man for my taste), but that’s just it – it was just “okay” to me. However, the judges raved and guest judge Gale Anne Hurd told him that she would put it in front of a camera that day.

However, Nicole also received rave reviews from the judges. I loved, loved, loved her look. It was so different from the “soldier in war needs machinery to help them out”, and it was actually a woman! And a bad ass woman at that. Nicole did a phenomenal job in her paint, her sculpt, and her fabrications. Gale told her that she wanted to take her to Comic-Con and also write a story around that character. Everyone else loved it as well, and this earned Nicole her second win in two weeks. Talk about coming back with a vengeance!!

Poor Sarah struggled again this week with the cyborg challenge. She hasn’t seen a lot of cyborg movies, and doesn’t have a frame of reference for creating her character. She flounders from the beginning and you can see the frustration in her as she works to reach her vision. Unfortunately, things were just not on Sarah’s side this week. Not only did her cyborg look thrown together, the chest piece that she sculpted did not even fit her model. Sarah’s lack of concept, like so many others, earned her a ticket home. I do feel horrible for Sarah, and feel that she has real talent and can go far if she keeps working at it.

What did you think, Face Off fans? Did the right person go home? Was Nicole’s win warranted? Tell me in comments below!

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