Castle Season 5 Review “Murder He Wrote” – Death in the Hamptons

Castle Season 5 Episode 4 Murder, He Wrote (2)
Well, if you had Ryan in the “Who Will Figure it Out First?” poll, congratulations! In this week’s episode of Castle, “Murder He Wrote,” Castle and Beckett’s romantic Hamptons weekend turned into a murder investigation that led to the exposure they’d been trying to avoid. Luckily for them, Ryan is the coolest guy on the planet and decided to keep their secret, even from Esposito, who spent the entire episode trying to figure out who Beckett went away with for the weekend. Surprisingly enough, it was funny, rather than creepy.

Only Castle could wind up with a dead body in his swimming pool as he’s trying to have a relaxing weekend with Beckett. Of course, the Hamptons PD aren’t up to NYC standards (or really anyone’s standards), so they both have to pitch in and solve the murder for the bumbling local cops. It was nice that the sheriff got to shoot someone in the end, though.

I think I fall in love with Nathan Fillion a little more every week; he is just so good at physical comedy and his subtle facial expressions are second to none. He and Beckett have such a natural rapport that every scene they share is a joy to watch, just to see the tiny little ways they interact. There’s so many unspoken words that pass between them even if they’re just interrogating a suspect.

My crush on Ryan tripled when he decided to keep his juicy gossip to himself…and can I just say that the scene in which he drilled the suspect to find out the name of Castle’s girlfriend was nothing short of awesome. Not only was Ryan right when he said it as none of their business, but he must have understood why they were keeping it quiet, that it could threaten the whole team if it got out. And if Esposito knew, it would have gotten out much faster. He’s a good guy, but he loves to talk. By the way, when are he and Laney going to get back together? He needs her to keep him in line.

So, one person knows, but he’s keeping his mouth shut so tightly that even Castle and Beckett don’t know that he knows. I honestly thought Laney would catch on first, but I’m kind of glad I was wrong. Although, she could very well know and just be keeping it to herself either to spite Esposito or to protect Beckett, too. I wouldn’t put it past her to be ahead of the game.

What did you think of the episode? Are you just as happy to see Castle and Beckett happy as I am, and are you worried that it all might end next week? Let me know below, and remember you can always follow me on Twitter @krieli1 so you never miss a review.

  • ptjackson

    Favorite quote of the episode  – “This is actually my favorite part, the sound of the ocean, complete privacy, Ah, the Serenity! The pool is right down here.” Had me giggling and grinning like the village idiot.

    Anyway, I think Laney knows and is just keeping mum. I applaud Ryan for his ability to keep a secret.

    Was anyone else waiting for Dr. Hank to show up and give the guy in the pool CPR?

    Favorite moment – when Castle comes into view behind her as she watches the clock counting down to 5 pm. His look, the way he did it, just again had me giggling.

    Awesome episode. 😎

  • Ronsmith55

    I am with you on Lanie probably on to them, but just holding back for Kate’s benefit. When she confronted them in the morgue about it, she pointed to both of them when she said, “You’re having sex!” Then she shifted to pointing her discussion to Kate. As if she decided in the middle of things that it would be better not letting them know that she knew. If that makes sense? Anyway, I think she is pretty sure of herself that she knows.

    Esposito blabbing? I think he has to find out soon and I also think that when he does, Ryan and Lanie will persuade him to keep it quiet, or he may just instantly understand how letting the information out could hurt Caskett. These guys are a close family! They want Castle there almost as much as Kate does and they realize how the situation could even get Kate removed from the force!

    The next show? I am anxiously awaiting that one! The promos always seem to be misleading, but seeing Kate in tears in that last scene bothers me a lot. She has been hurt so much over these last four years and she has been happy this season and I don’t want to see that end for her. Especially if it is caused by Castle! He should only be bringing her joy! Like Kate said, “Even on the worst days there is the chance of joy!” I am certain that her sadness will end in joy this episode!