Alphas Season 2 Review “Need to Know”

Alphas Season 2 Episode 12 Need To Know (6)

I’m having a hard time figuring out who I’m supposed to be rooting for on Alphas anymore. When I used to feel conflicted about Rosen’s Alphas team versus Parish’s Red Flag, it had more to do with the possibility that both sides were trying to do the right thing in different ways. Now, especially after watching “Need to Know,” I’m conflicted because it seems like everyone has become a monster.

Rosen and Cam are so bent on vengeance that they’ve become completely disconnected from the people they once were. Rosen pushes his own team to their physical limits and lets himself be provoked by a criminally deranged Alpha. Rosen used to be professional enough to be able to distance himself from that kind of reaction and clever enough to earn the trust of even the most guarded Alphas.

The team might have stumbled on significant information that could save millions of innocent people, but that was merely a byproduct of Cam and Rosen’s selfish actions. I no longer believe that they are interested in the well being of the general public, instead, I believe that if the general public was to get in the way of them getting their revenge on Stanton Parish, they’d plow down the general public.

Watching our once heroic Alphas team act like mercenaries was disappointing and even if Rachel did eventually call Bill and Kat to let them know what was going on with Scipio, she was involved in the interrogation too long to claim innocence. This Alphas team can no longer claim to hold a moral high ground in this battle. By the time we saw that Rosen had been shot, it was difficult to feel much sympathy for him.

While the main Parish/Rosen storyline was frustrating, I was completely fascinated by Skylar’s subplot. It wasn’t immediately clear that she was trapped in a hallucination, but we knew that something was wrong and that she wasn’t quite herself. I liked being able to see Skylar in a sort of sweet, carefree mode for a bit before she returned to the cutthroat genius that wouldn’t think twice about assembling a homemade-torch to defend herself and her daughter.

Watching her process of discovery as she realized from within her dream that something was wrong was terrifying because we knew that this was a situation where she was completely unable to help herself. If not for Gary’s persistence, she could have remained Parish’s prisoner for the rest of her natural life.

Vincent’s magical dreamland ability was used to keep Skylar and her daughter captive so she could design a mini photo stim that would simultaneously boost all the Alpha abilities and kill everyone who wasn’t an Alpha. Skylar did her best to deliver this news with the utmost seriousness, but this idea was so ridiculous, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. This might be fine if the source for all Alpha abilities was something that was not found in people without Alpha abilities, but that has never been established in the series. Not all hyperkinetic people or synesthetes are considered Alphas and the parts of the brain that affect various Alphas should, in theory, vary from condition to condition.

I have no idea what Vincent’s medical condition could have been that allowed him to create a fantasy dreamland to include multiple people, but I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the fact that Alphas is now a standard superhero show and that the extreme medical condition tie in for Alpha abilities is no longer necessary. Stanton Parish’s super weapon appears to treat non-Alphas as if they were a completely different biological creature than their Alpha brothers and sisters. For the sake of the story, I can buy into that, but suddenly the social conflict between the Alphas and non-Alphas seems much less complicated and much less interesting.