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Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 3 Lady of the Lake (8)
If you didn’t cry duing some part of “Lady of the Lake,” this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time…you might want to check to make sure Regina or her mom didn’t rip your heart out of your chest. This was the episode I’ve been wanting to see from this season. This was the episode that absolutely reminded me how much of an emotional punch this show can pack.

Since we didn’t get to see much of them last week, it was a relief that so much of the episode revolved around Snow and Emma. I was so glad to see that Snow kicks just as much ass now, after 28 years stuck as a timid schoolteacher, as she did in her prime. We got to see her at her best: fighting ogres, seeing straight through Cora’s deception when no one else did, and doing everything in her power to take care of her daughter.

The scene with Emma and Snow in the remains of what should have been her nursery…it was beautiful. I’m not ashamed to admit that tears were streaming down my cheeks. I loved seeing Emma out of her element in the Enchanted Forest, but it was even better to see her confronting her anger towards her mother and letting it go when she realized just how much she was loved and just how much her parents gave up for her. That couldn’t have happened in Storybrooke; it had to happen in that room.

I also love that Regina is no longer the Big Bad. Cora created Regina, so it’s only right that she take her place as the evil of the season. Part of me hopes that Lancelot is still alive, but I’m not holding my breath. Cora doesn’t do things halfway. And now that she has the ashes of the enchanted cabinet, there’s no telling what she might be able to do.

Family is always a major theme in this show, but this week was particularly heavy on the idea. But family can be both good and bad. For every mother like Charming’s who is willing to sacrifice her life in order to give her child the chance to have a child of his own or Jefferson who never gave up on trying to find a way to be with his daughter again, there’s a Cora or the king who takes revenge on his adopted son’s brother by cursing him with childlessness. And now he remembers who he was in Storybrooke…is he still bent on revenge? If so, Charming needs to keep an even better eye on Henry.

Mulan continued to be awesome and Aurora is more than a little whiny, but she could be redeemed by the end. She just needs to drop the prissy ‘tude. Combined, I think Emma, Snow and Mulan will knock it out of her. She might even be wielding a sword before it’s all over. Also, what else might be locked away in Regina’s vault? And what is Gold up to? No good, I assume.

I absolutely loved this episode. It was exactly what we needed to see. Since Snow and Charming can’t be together in the present, I thank the writers for letting us see them together in the past.

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  • ptjackson

    I loved this episode too…. I mean, what’s not to love, it had leviathans, and rescue from purgatory… oh, wait, wrong show, my bad…. LOL…..

    Seriously, I did love this episode for all the reasons you mentioned, and yes, I too cried. Can’t wait for next week.

    • Anonymous

      “I loved this episode too…. I mean, what’s not to love, it had leviathans, and rescue from purgatory… oh, wait, wrong show, my bad….”

      Just so you know, I totally LOL’d for reals. Hahaha! So glad I’m not the only one who keeps getting shows mixed up. ;o)

      • ptjackson

        LOL, it does seem to run in cycles, where a lot of shows are doing similar things. When they did the wraith on Once Upon a Time, all I could think of was Stargate Atlantis…… but I know another show has done a wraith recently, just can’t remember which…