Mark Pellegrino Set To Guest Star In ‘Person Of Interest’


‘Lost’ actor Mark Pellegrino will guest star on the CBS series Person of Interest. The details of Pellegrino’s upcoming stint on the hit thriller, was revealed at New York Comic Con during a highly charged discussion panel. Jonathan Nolan, POI’s executive producer and co-creator, broke the official news.

Pellegrino’s new gig on ‘Person of Interest’ places him in the role of an “edgy and charming” publishing giant. The actor’s stint will reunite him with his former ‘Lost’ co-star Michael Emerson who plays billionaire Harold Finch on the show.

Mark Pellegrino is best known for his devilish role as Lucifer in CW’s ‘Supernatural’. He also boasts recent acting credits that include J.J. Abrams’ freshman hit series ‘Revolution’, ‘Grimm’ as Jarold Kempfer, the television movie ‘Hemmingway & Gellhorn’, ‘Being Human’ in the role of Bishop and ‘Castle’. He has also appeared in USA’s ‘The Closer’, the spy series ‘Chuck’, the long running crime series ‘CSI: Miami’, ‘The Mentalist’, 2011’s ‘Joint Body’, ‘Breakout Kings’, and more.

Tell us what you think Pellegrino fans. Are you ready to see Emerson and Pellegrino share the same screen once again? Weigh in below.

‘Person of Interest’ airs on CBS, Thursdays at 9pm est.