The Good Wife Season 4 Review “Two Girls, One Code”

This episode of The Good Wife left me a little confused. “Two Girls, One Code” was a decent outing, but it felt like this episode was just filler. Nothing of import really happened on this week’s episode, but it wasn’t a completely wasted hour of tv.

Here are a few thoughts about “Two Girls, One Code”:

The case of the week annoyed me. The defendant in the case was aptly named Gross. He was a lying, cheating, manipulative, arrogant jerk. Two college students created some voice recognition software that was very popular on Gross’s search engine. Gross approached them about advertising and they refused, so in retaliation Gross tweaked the search algorithm to knock them off the top results of his search engine. As a result, their business went belly up, so the girls sued Gross for unfair trade practices. I liked that the defense team pulled out every trick they could think of, but it didn’t matter what they came up with; Will and Co. did a great job rebutting all of their evidence. What annoyed me was the resolution of the case. The show spent the whole episode trying to make the plaintiffs out to be fairly smart and capable businesswomen. But in the end, the plaintiffs came off as empty-headed twits. They were poised to make Gross have to pay multiple millions of dollars in damages, but instead they accepted his offer of employment at his company? How does that make sense? So he hires them today to make the lawsuit go away and then he fires them in six months. Then they have to try to prove that he fired them unfairly. To say that was foolish is an understatement. And their attitude was awfully flippant to say that they still owe the firm fees and costs. This was a very dissatisfying ending because the defendant was such a jerk. It would’ve been nice to see Will and Co. knock him down a peg or two. Just as an aside, I really enjoyed the judge this week. He was hilarious.

Ever been so frustrated that you shook a fake tree? Me either. But Eli has. He was working overtime during this episode trying to do damage control. Well, sort of pre-damage control. But the problem is that when you get a laser focus on something, then you can easily get blindsided. That’s what I’m concerned is going to happen to Eli and Alicia. I thought it was a bit too easy that the reporter told him what her story was; especially because she was playing so coy at the onset. I have a feeling it’s going to come out that this whole campaign worker thing is just a red herring. The reporter either knows or thinks she knows something about Will and Alicia, and this whole campaign worker thing is no doubt designed to spin Eli off in the wrong direction. When the real story drops, it’s going to be devastating.

Seriously, Kalinda and her husband are freaking me out. I understand that people have different ways of showing affection and all, but this is kind of ridiculous. And let me reiterate, Kalinda’s husband is creepy. He’s stalking her and why the heck is she playing along with this? I am so confused! And concerned. Right now it’s all fun and games (at least I think it is) but I have a feeling this could get extremely dangerous.

I’m kind of confused as to what’s going on with Alicia and Peter now. She said that she didn’t care anymore who Peter slept with, but her demeanor would suggest otherwise. She seemed happy at the end of the episode to find that Peter had actually been telling the truth when he said that he didn’t sleep with the campaign aide. I don’t think she necessarily wants to take him back, but I think she was pleased to find that he was actually telling the truth this time. Especially after so many lies.

This episode of The Good Wife was just ok. The case of the week was at least moderately entertaining even if it did have a dissatisfying resolution. What did you think of “Two Girls, One Code”? Are you still waiting on Nathan Lane and Alan Cumming to have a spontaneous song and dance number in the middle of the episode? No? That’s still just me? Alrighty then.

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  • Parvenu

    What was the title of the song or group that performed the final song on this show? 

    • Jessica Breaux

       I believe it was “Knowing the Things I Know” by The Blow.

      • Parvenu

        I just checked and that’s not it, but it could be the same group. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    I agree absolutely with your review.

    The girls in the case of the week really annoyed me too, I couldn’t believe they just accepted a job at the company so fast.

    Kalinda is becoming very hard to watch.  Get rid of that jerk already, what is she playing at?  He is creepy, disconcerting and he needs to be gone.  I’m afraid that she is going to go too far and murder him and then we will have to deal with Kalinda being charged with murder!!!  No, no, no.

    Thanks for reviewing.

    PS – I do not like Peter and Alicia together, am I the only one who is still rooting for a Will an Alicia pairing?

    PPS – I would like to see Nathan Lane and Alan Cumming do a song and dance routine too!

    • Jessica Breaux

       I’m on the fence about Peter and Alica together. On the one hand, Alicia has said that she committed to a marriage and she wants to stick it out because of her commitment. I can totally understand that. But on the other hand, you can’t stay in a marriage just because you’ve decided you have to. You’ll be miserable and eventually whatever love you may have had to start with just won’t be enough anymore. Life is too short to be miserable. But then, there’s the fact that Alicia and Will have undeniable chemistry. So I don’t know.

      YES! Nathan Lane and Alan Cumming must have a musical number before this season is over. haha.

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  • Emma

    Come On Petunia- also The Blow.

  • Craziemaizie

    I don’t know who The Good Wife thinks it’s audience is, but as a straight female, Kalinda and her federal agent are not what I want to have shoved in my face..ever.. it has no story except that Kalinda is involved with a violent husband also..Is she supposed to be a sick person who wants to punish herself? or the smart, can take care of herself, investigator?.. Both don’t work.. unless they’re unloading her this season.. Maisie, Edgewater FL

    • Jessica Breaux

      Hi Maise, I understand what you’re saying. But I don’t think they’re necessarily shoving anything in the audience’s face. Kalinda is bi-sexual. What I believe the show is trying to demonstrate with that is how different Kalinda’s relationship is with the agent and with her husband. Not because one is male and one is female. But because of how they relate to Kalinda and how she relates to them. It’s a method of layering her character. Also, I don’t think a person necessarily has to be either a self-punisher OR smart and self-reliant. I think at times all of us are a little bit of both of those. Watching that dichotomy in Kalinda rounds out the character and, once again, just adds more layers. 

      Thanks for the comment!

  • Craziemaizie

    I’d like to know who did the music? lyrics; Everybody see that I’m on fire, did they watch you burn this mother down? Please don’t rescue me, I’m free to burn out as I please.
    The song to me relates to Kalinda..burning out

    • The Blow – “Come On Petunia” but the lyrics were changed for the show.