Haven Season 3 Review “Over My Head”

Haven Over My Head Season 3 Episode 4 (4)

In addition to the usual Trouble-of-the-week story, this week’s episode of Haven, “Over My Head” covered a lot of ground in setting up story threads that I assume will become significant later in the season.

The Trouble this week was caused by a woman named Daphne who had been in a hit and run accident and was trapped in her car at the bottom of a cliff as the tide came in. The anxiety of her situation caused her Trouble to activate which led to the people she thought would come looking for her to suffer terrifying water-related deaths and injuries. Although Duke didn’t know Daphne personally, he became a victim of her Trouble after Audrey asked him to call her persistently.

Duke had been tagging along with Audrey and Nathan during their investigation, and at first it was difficult to tell what Duke’s intentions truly were. I wasn’t sure if he had been seriously changed by the events of the prior week, especially since he seemed angry and a bit more willing to piss people off than usual.

Although my gut wanted to trust Duke, I wouldn’t have been surprised if the events that took place last week seriously changed him. I was a little worried when he hastily climbed down that cliff-side to get to Daphne and was so relieved to see that he was able to completely control himself even when he was in silver-eye mode. Rather than use his ability to take Troubled lives unnecessarily, he was able to save a woman using it.

Meanwhile, the investigation into Audrey’s abductor/Haven’s first serial killer continued. This time, the abductor attacked a woman and ran away with her scalp. It’s entirely unclear why this man is stealing women’s body parts, but that final scene where we saw him carefully brushing out the hair on the scalp was so disturbing. This abductor has been set up to be more than a the usual Troubled townie – this abductor has developed into a horrifying and mysterious monster.

The only clue we got about the identity of this psycho is that he has the same tattoo on his arm as Nathan – a symbol of “The Guard.” Through a little negotiation with the Teagues, Nathan tracked down a link to The Guard to a woman named Jordan at The Gun and Rose. Nathan slowly gained her trust by revealing that his biological father was Max Hansen, and that he was Troubled as well. When she explained that her Trouble caused extreme pain for anyone she touched, Nathan won her over by touching her and showing her that his Trouble meant that he couldn’t feel any of the pain she caused.

I was a bit concerned with Nathan’s final line to Jordan about his desire to be involved with The Guard. She had asked him if the cops knew what he was doing and he responded “no, this is personal.” When it comes to Audrey, Nathan isn’t the most rational person around. Where Duke can say “my family’s legacy doesn’t control me” and fight to prove it time and time again, Nathan seems likely to fall right into the path of his family’s destiny without even realizing it.

Between last week’s episode and this week’s episode of Haven, I feel like I missed something with Detective Owen’s story. The recap at the beginning of this week’s episode included some footage and dialogue from Tommy that I didn’t recall from last week. Either way, it appears that Tommy had accepted Nathan’s offer for a position with the Haven PD.

When their usual attempts to get information out of the police failed, Dave and Vince thought they could bribe some information out of the new guy by holding his “sealed internal affairs file” against him. This plan backfired on the Teagues pretty hilariously when Tommy came back at them with the information that he found about their family owning most of Haven‘s commercial industry, making millions in undocumented income, and keeping it all in offshore accounts. The look on Dave and Vince’s faces when Tommy dropped that bomb on them was priceless and I have to say that I really appreciate that Tommy was clever enough to be prepared for Dave and Vince’s underhanded methods of information gathering.

There were a lot of stories being told simultaneously this week on Haven, but none of them really led anywhere significant. I’m sure Audrey’s memory flashbacks, Tommy’s sealed internal affairs file, Duke’s superhero streak, and Nathan’s involvement with The Guard are all leading to big pay offs later this season, but as a stand alone episode, “Over My Head” felt largely transitional.