CSI: NY Season 9 Review “2,918 Miles”

CSI NY Season 9 Episode 3 2,918 Miles

After last week’s episode, which focused mainly on guest star Rob Morrow’s arsonist character, this week’s episode of “CSI: NY” returned the focus back to the team once again, with one crucial difference- part of the show took place “2,918 Miles” away, hence the title. Perhaps gunning for a “CSI: San Francisco”- or should I say “CSI: SF”? – the show opened in the picturesque locale, and I can’t say I had any objections to that.

The frantic scene, which followed an unknown suspect as he ran through the streets of San Fran was engaging to look at, what with all the colorful stuff going on; and overall, a welcome change from a show that tends to be a bit monochromatic in its look, as better befits the usual locale. I especially liked the optical illusion mural the guy ran over on the sidewalk- those things are pretty cool to look at, if you haven’t seen them before. (Check ’em out here: )

After that, we flash back 72 hours to New York, to return again to SF around about the mid-way point as the story progresses. As with the Golden Gate Bridge featured prominently in the opening sequence, the Brooklyn Bridge is the backdrop for our main murder at hand. What looks like a routine robbery-gone-bad turns out to involve something much bigger, in this case a drug-related incident and possible separate murder to boot. The unlucky fellow has drugs in his backpack, along with candid, up-close pics of a seemingly murdered girl, implying that there was some sort of blackmail element at play.

That turns out to be true as the photos were intended instead for the parents of the girl in the picture- not as blackmail material, but proof of death. They also- spoiler alert! – turn out to be fake, perpetrated by the girl in question, who wanted to fake her death so that she could get wacked out on drugs and be with her drug dealer BF. The dead guy was the go-between intended to deliver said fake pics, who, as it turned out was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Thankfully, the collar in the opening scene leads our gang to said girl, who is very much alive and they are able to return home to NY to be with her family again. The situation also served as a parallel for some of the problems Jo (Sela Ward) was having with her own daughter. This time, after Mac was looking pretty frisky with his gal in the premiere, it was Jo’s turn at bat.

Unfortunately, adult booty time is rudely interrupted when Jo hears what she mistakes for an intruder- and proceeds to mistakenly hold at gunpoint- only to realize she’s caught her daughter making out with her own boy toy in the kitchen. Awkward! (The two eventually made up and played nice after Jo’s harrowing experience with another daughter gone horribly wrong causes her to rethink her approach.)

Jo’s BF/FB/whatever, an FBI agent, comes in handy when the drugs in the backpack turn out to hail from his home turf on the West Coast. I liked how the drugs were tongue-in-cheekily named “Flower Power” and sold in Haight-Ashbury, a noted hippie haven in the 60s- though back then acid was the go-to drug of choice, not- eep!- a heroin hybrid. Although it was cute that it had Vitamin B-12 mixed in and was sold at a health food type store! Ah, you wacky SF hipsters- so cray-cray and agro when you should be laid back and basking in the beauty around you.

Speaking of which, how about those locations? That run through the park made me want to move there for the walking/running trails alone. All those beautiful trees! Good stuff all around, as far as the on-location shooting went, and a nice time-out from the often gloomy NYC streets.

Meanwhile, in NY, Flack (Eddie Cahill) continued to get his flirt on with new recruit Lovato- no, not Demi- played by Natalie Martinez, late of the short-lived show “Detroit 1-8-7” and the recent movie “End of Watch.” Interestingly, she looks all the world like a Latina version of Flack’s late lady, Jessica- played by the French-Canadian hottie Emmanuelle Vaugier, lately seen having a ball with her role on “Lost Girl.” It’s an ideal trade, as Cahill & Martinez have a nice, easy chemistry together. The baseball stuff was a little cutesy, but I liked the whole redecorating move she made behind his back on his/their desk. Bodes well for a future hook-up: I’m Mark Trammell and I approve this relationship.

All in all, a solid episode with some great character stuff as promised by the producers. I’m sure they’ll get around to likewise focusing on the remaining team in future episodes, including Sheldon (Hill Harper), Danny (Carmine Giovinazzo) & Lindsay (Anna Belknap). Who knows? Maybe we’ll even get Dr. Sid (Robert Joy) and Adam (AJ Buckley)-centric episodes!

For now, nice nuanced work as always from the episode’s focus, the lovely Sela Ward. It was nice seeing the grown-ups get a little something-something. I don’t know how old she is, but Ward has been hot as long as I can remember- she’s def MILF-tastic. But then I’m from Alabama, and so is she, and there’s always this at the back of my mind (scroll down a hair, you’ll thank me later):

Whatever the case, good stuff, and definitely more action-packed than the previous eps. What’d you think of “2,918 Miles”? Do you like the bigger emphasis on character? Looking forward to anyone getting their own story in particular? Did you like the new locale? Would you watch “CSI:SF”? Let me know in the comments section!

  • Great episode, thanks for review.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for reviewing.  I do enjoy this show.

  • Jrod

    Good review. Like the emphasis on the characters personal lives. Hope we get to see what Sid did with his money from his invention.

    • Mark Trammell

       I would love to see a Sid-themed episode! Totally agree!