What Makes a Strike Back Moment?

Strike Back Season 2 Episode 8 (10)

If you are a fan of the series, there has to be moments in the series that just strike you as being typical Strike Back moments. In exclusive interviews, we spoke with Philip Winchester (Michael Stonebridge), Michelle Lukes (Julia Richmond) and series director Michael Bassett about what they believe makes a Strike Back moment and here are their answers:

Philip Winchester (Michael Stonebridge):

You know, they vary from Sully and I, figuring out the banter for a scene and finding that little moment where we’re like there it is. “Oh, my gosh, what did you just say? And they’re kind of like having a little laugh together and figuring out those little moments, and it might be one or two beats in a scene that lasts five seconds.

All the way to hanging out on a speed rope or hanging on the skid or a helicopter hanging outside 27 stories over the top of Johannesburg, looking at Sully on the other side of the helicopter doing the same thing and him looking at me and then me looking at him just going: “can you believe we’re doing this?”

And here the director would yell action and we skid rope the other side of this helicopter. And it’s just moments like that are just unforgettable. And I think that as an actor and being a guy, I cannot believe the opportunities that we’ve been given and the chances that we’ve been allowed to take on this show and what’s brilliant is they’ve paid off.

We have the luxury of spending some time working as an action team, working up the dialogue and it’s paying off and I really appreciate that. I really appreciate that we have a clever audience.

So all of those from me are big “Strike Back” moments.

Michelle Lukes (Julia Richmond):

A massive fucking explosion, usually. I remember one episode where it was myself, Baxter and Scott at some container yard. And Baxter, Sully and I are down amongst the crates and Baxter blows up one of the the truck or some kind of oil drum. Obviously, he doesn’t do that in real life, so, it’ a controlled explosion. But I was desperate to be in. I thought I’d never get to be a part of this, and I was so excited to be on set that day.

So I’m sitting in my trailer, and all of a sudden, I heard the most enormous bang, and my trailer literally rocks off the side, like there’s milk coming out of the fridge. I missed it. I was eating my lunch and I missed it. And I ran out and I was just like, “Lame.” There was like stuff everywhere. There were like firemen, ambulance people and stunt men running around. It was absolutely crazy. I missed it. When I came out to see the aftermath, I thought that is a “Strike Back” moment. That’s an absolute, fantastic “Strike Back” moment, and I missed it.

Michael Bassett (Director):

To me, the key with “Strike Back” is to make sure that any character stuff happens in the middle of the action. So you never lose sight of why we are watching the show, it has got to be a combination and a perfect “Strike Back” moment is when Scott and Stonebridge are in an impossible situation and trying to do the right thing against overwhelming odds and retaining the sense of humor about it.

And then you can get those things to play all at the same time where the audience’s stomach is in their mouth because they can’t believe that our boys are ever going to get out of this, and yet they are wishing they will and at the same time, you see Stonebridge smile at Scott, and it’s a Butch Cassidy and Sundance vibe, isn’t it? You know, how the hell are they going to get out of this, but you know they are going to because these guys are the best at what they do and they are doing it for the right reasons.

I think that is the perfect “Strike Back” moment, when chaos is all around and we are on the ground with our boys, willing them to survive and willing them to do the right thing.

Now that we have heard from the people who make the series, my co-editor Sandrine and myself wanted to share what we think makes a Strike Back Moment:

Sandrine Sahakians:

For me a typical “Strike Back” moment is when Scott and Stonebridge get into one of their quintessential shootouts and manage to get out of it, using their skills and trust of each other. It always blows my mind just how quick and precise they are.

Americ Ngwije (Me):

A “Strike Back” moment is anytime Scott says “Buddy”, for some reason, I get a kick out of it.

Some great “Strike Back” moments, indeed. What about you? What makes a Strike Back moment for you? Share in the comments below or let us know on Twitter @tvequals.