Strike Back Season 2: In Memoriam (Spoilers Inside)

We are coming to the end of our Strike Back Day and it’s time to get emotional up in here.

As you get ready to watch the season 2 finale of Strike Back tonight at 10 pm, it’s only fitting to offer a proper send-off to some of the major characters who died so far during this season.

Whether they were good or bad, these characters all mattered to the season in some fashion and we can only commend the actors who portrayed them for bringing them to life in such a vivid way.

Spoiler Warning: if you haven’t caught up with the series so far, DO NOT WATCH THIS as several plot points will be revealed here.

Featured in the video (in order of appearance):

– Tim Pigott-Smith as Patrick Burton, a British diplomat shot in the chest as the team is surrounded by Wabri’s men.

– Alexandra Moen as Kerry Stonebridge, the wife of Michael Stonebridge who was shot by Hanson, as revenge for the death of his brother.

– Anthony Oseyemi as Waabri, a somalian warlord who is killed by Matlock for giving him dummy nuclear triggers.

– Said Taghmaoui as Othmani, the brother of El Soldat, a top Al Qaeda leader who kills himself and his brother so that he doesn’t get the nuclear triggers.

– Paul Freeman as Peter Evans, a nuclear scientist who gets coerced into building nuclear weapons by Knox but gets killed by the Mossad.

– Eamonn Walker as Walter Lutulu, a charismatic political prisoner who defied Knox’s original plans and got shot by Knox’s men during a speech.

– Nick Reding as Joseph Dreyer, a south African Civil servant who is in Knox’s pocket and gets killed by Richmond for betraying Section 20

– Natalie Becker as Jessica Kohl, a sniper who works with Matlock and is killed by Stonebridge.

– Rhashan Stone as Major Oliver Sinclair, a crucial member of Section 20 who dies at the hands of men sent by Knox, one of the most emotional scenes this season.

Who will you miss the most?

You can find a photo gallery of the dearly departed below:

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